Orange to offer new Blackberry Bold first in UK

We are all waiting with baited breath as to which network provider will be offering the new Blackberry Bold first, with the announcement from T-mobile saying they will be have them from September it’s looking like Orange have got in there first, According to Orange, Blackberry addicts will have their gorgeous new Bold from the 16th August.

Rob Kerr spokesperson for Orange told the Inquirer that Orange will be taking stock on the 14th and will have them in its shops by the Saturday 16th, along with online ordering.” After a quick look at the Orange website tariffs start from £45 a month, you will also get the Blackberry Bold for free, sounds like a deal to me.

Neither O2 or Vodafone have released their launch date of their versions of the Bold, although Pocket-lint’s review shows an O2 sim card, plus a source within Vodafone have informed Pocket-lint that they are hopefully that a launch date will be announced soon.

Falling behind with the launch date is 3, who are still setting up Blackberry services. It looks like they will not launch the Blackberry Bold until November. Great news for the Blackberry Bold – pocket-lint have just reviewed the phone and given it a Hot Product award. Need we say more?

Read the full report over on the inquirer

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