FLO TV brings live TV to your mobile phone

Watch you favourite TV shows while on the move, live on your mobile phone with FLO TV for mobile. The FLO TV service offers up channels to your mobile phone such as CBS mobile, Comedy Central, ESPN mobile, Fox mobile, MTV, NBC 2GO, NEC News 2GO, Nickelodeon, so when you think mobile TV all you need to think is FLO TV.

FLO TV brings the mobile user real TV at the touch of a button, full length TV shows, an easy to use program guide along with fast channel changing, and there is nothing to download or buffer.

FLO TV is available on Verizon Wireless V CAST mobile TV, and AT&T Mobile TV, so FLO TV covers a huge amount of cities in the United States with these two mobile carriers.

The FLO TV service is a mobile entertainment service delivered by MediaFLO USA, Inc.

Source — FLO


2 thoughts on “FLO TV brings live TV to your mobile phone”

  1. Russ says:

    The biggest problem with MediaFLO is the the lack of content. You lots of junk. They even offer an entire channel devoted to Skate Boarding! Networks and Cable companies have made deals with MobiTV. So I don’t understand why MediaFLO customers only get a few channels. And the channels are NOT broadcast quality. They are better then other mobile TV offers, but not that clear.
    So right now the 2 carriers that offer charge either $15 a month, JUST FOR THE TV! Or Verizon $25 and AT&T $30, with unlimited data included.

    I use MediaFLO, but I most likely wont for very long. Qualcomm has so far ignored me emails asking if any channels are being added. So that lack of customer care, added with only watching 3 channels; turns me off to MediaFLO.

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