HTC Dream Android phone video true or false? : video

Want to know what the HTC Dream might look like? It may not be the best video ever seen, and if you can get past the blurriness you may be pleasantly surprised at what you see.

The video below is apparently of the world’s first Android mobile phone with slide out QWERTY keyboard along with all that touch-screen goodness.

It looks as if the Android interface has been somewhat tweaked since the last time it was seen, with an auto rotating display that looks like a reasonably responsive touch-screen.

The Android mobile phone looks cool when the keyboard is hidden but unfortunately when the keyboard slides out it more than resembles a Sidekick style design that may not please everyone.

Having said all this of course, it could be just someone having a laugh at all our expense, and they really should have got someone without the heavy breathing to show it off.

SO, take a gander at the video and give us your views, is this the legit Android spanking mobile or simply someone seeking YouTube fame?

Source — BGR


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