BlackBerry has 10% U.S. market share, iPhone 3G 1%

According to reports which we normally read lightly by a U.K.-based Strategy Analytics Research in Motion (RIM) looks like they are on the up and getting a stronger market.

RIM has increased its market share is the States by more than double, they are now capturing a 10 percent market for the first time. RIM in the North American territory is definitely a well-run organization, Neil Mawston who is the Strategy Analytics analyst said,

. “They’ve got a strong brand, good retail presence and a nice looking product portfolio that helps to differentiate them from the rest of the market.”

To break down the report a little, the total mobile phone shipments were in fact up by 5.3 per cent to 41.9 million units, BlackBerry claiming 10.3 per cent of all U.S. smartphone sales in the past quarter.

Now this means they are topping the likes of Apple with their iPhone, Apple only shipped 400,000 iPhone units which totals to only a 1 percent of North America market share, Apple shipped 500,000 3G units within the first two weeks of launch, and by the end of this year Apple would ship a total of 6.3 million iPhones in the U.S. Motorola are top of the list at number 1 with a 25.8 percent market share.

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