HTC Touch Diamond 1.93 ROM now available from HTC eClub

A few weeks ago the Hong Kong version of the updated HTC Touch Diamond ROM appeared, and now there are even more countries who are able to get the HTC Touch Diamond updated ROM in the HTC eClub.

The HTC eClub’s Diamond ROM version is 1.93, and apparently is now available for the United Kingdom alone with several other European countries, and the word is it’s quite good.

The HTC eClub HTC Touch Diamond 1.93 ROM update apparently improves camera navigation, tab switching speed, text alert speed, and incorporates a new city selector in is weather tab to make things easier in selecting your location.

A quick word of advice, make sure you back up all your pictures and documents, make sure your handset is charged well, and then install the HTC Touch Diamond 1.93 update.

Oh, and this update is for network free HTC Touch Diamond mobile phones much like those sold by devicewire.

Source — HTC via coolsmartphone


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