Infineon chipset cause of iPhone 3G connection problems?

There still seems to be some complaints rolling in over the net about bad connection with the Apple iPhone 3G, and Blogosphere complaints on the iPhone 3G connection crystallised in a report by Nomura Securities analyst, Richard Windsor.

Windsor states: “Complaints regarding the reception of the 3G signal are beginning to surface and some users are having trouble getting a 3G connection and hanging onto it.”

Apparently poor connect with the Apple iPhone 3G has also been reported in other countries, which could indicate that the connection problem lies within the iPhone 3G device itself or within the software rather than with AT&T’s 3G network.

The problems have been reported on forums on Apple’s website and on many iPhone blogs, and Windsor remarks: “high incidence of dropped calls, switching onto [the slower AT&T (NYSE: T)] EDGE [network] while the device is stationary and loss of reception while in good coverage.”

Ok, so if the problem with the connection lies within the iPhone 3G or its software and it’s not to do with AT&T or another carrier, but Windsor speculates it is something to do with the Infineon chipset; so just what is Apple going to do about it one wonders?

Source — information week


2 thoughts on “Infineon chipset cause of iPhone 3G connection problems?”

  1. Jason says:

    Has anyone tried comparing phones with the same chipset but different software to the iPhone? Such a comparison could give us a pretty good idea of what the problem is.

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