Apple iPhone 3G call dropping is a worldwide problem

The complaints continue to hit the net waves from New York to Stockholm, complaints from irate iPhoners moaning about dropped calls on their new Apple iPhone 3G. Connection failures seem to be rife, and repeatedly during calls.

The dropping problem seems to be typically occurring when the iPhone 3G tries to move from 3G to another network. Some familiar with the problem argue that the problem lies with the iPhone 3G’s 3G chipset from German chipmaker Infineon Technologies, although these sources have wished to remain anonymous as they are not authorised to speak on this problem in public.

According to said unnamed sources, Apple along with AT&T is working on a fix; this fix which will be available via iTunes may be seen as early as next week.

As for the chipset problem, senior vice president at Nielsen IAG, Roger Entner says, “The dropped-call problem is global. Apple has had the same problem in every market where the 3G iPhone is sold. It’s probably the device.”

As usual, Apple declined to comment. The bad news is if a software fix doesn’t work, Apple may be forced to issue a worldwide recall.

Source — usatoday


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  1. stamos says:

    upgrade to 3.1 have this beta phone from june not good for proffetionals disable all the futures from the toy but still drop calls here in cyprus no good service and no response at all never again stack with 600 euro crap i will post the same review to other sites i now that will erase that massege from the IT DEPT can contact direct with me at 0035799845222 unhappy client learn from companys that produce phones and not from marketing companys that sell crap staff apple wake up

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