Will Apple iPhone 3G software update fix reception problems?

More reports are coming in on iPhoners experiencing less than acceptable 3G signal reception along with call dropping on their Apple iPhone 3Gs.

The Carrier’s are obviously shoving the blame at Apple’s door, while Apple shoves it right back saying it’s carrier network problem, and as usual as the debate drags on it is the iPhone 3G owner who suffers.

It now seems the finger is being firmly pointed in the direction of the Apple iPhone 3G’s Infineon-sourced 3G chipset.

The belief is that Apple has programmed the iPhone 3G to actually demand a more powerful signal than it actually requires, and a new report on Business Week contemplates that an iPhone software update would fix the 3G problem.

It is presumed that the iPhone 3G has been programmed to revert to EDGE when it perceives too many people are accessing their local 3G cell and perceives the 3G signal has dropped below the threshold.

With Apple every expanding the countries it ships the iPhone 3G to and the growing number of sales, any problems of overcrowding with 3G networks is simply bound to get worse.

Source — businessweek via intomobile

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