ZTE C79 clamshell flip phone from MetroPCS

If you’re looking for a mid-to-low range phone then why not try the ZTE C79 clamshell the relationship between MetroPCS and Chinese manufacturer ZTE continues, It will work with both the AWS and CDMA frequencies with support for @metro access for downloadable content.

But if you want a all singing all dancing phone this probably is not the phone for you, it continues in design like the previous model the C79 as a clamshell flip phone and it has a 1.3-megapixel camera and only a 69 MB internal storage with a 2GB microSD support, so needless to say multimedia isn’t the ZTE C79’s strong point, it does also have Bluetooth but that’s the only wireless technology you will find on this phone.

The phone size is pretty cute, measuring 3.5×1.75×0.7 inches, and it has an internal 176x220px 262k display, and an external display of 96×64 pixels. You can the ZTE C97 and it only comes in one colour combination which is red and black, you can order it from the MetroPCS website and in stores across the country for $169.

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