Korean LG forges place in US mobile market

LG make some top of the range high quality mobile phones, and is always placed a great deal of care in customer satisfaction, and endeavour to supply the customer with their needs. This being the case it is no surprise their top three best selling mobile phones are moving like wildfire.

Back in May, one of LG’s best selling mobile phones was released by Verizon Wireless, the LG-VX9100 otherwise known as the LG enV2 which sports a QWERTY keyboard for ease of texting and such which has recorded in excess of 300 million sales to date.

Last year the LG-CU720 known as the LG Shine was released by AT&T. The LG Shine was known for its HSDPA 3.6mbps service along with its multimedia capabilities and Bluetooth.

Following on after that the LG-CU920 or LG Vu became a competitor with the Nokia 5310 and Sony Ericsson’s W580i, which are music phones.

What this virtually proves is that the Korean manufacturer is slowly but patiently forging its own place in the large US mobile market.

Source — LG via Mobilewhack


One thought on “Korean LG forges place in US mobile market”

  1. ali says:

    Dear Sirs,
    It is with great regret that I have to inform you that one of your products is not up to your usual standard. Last week I bought a LG cell phone KE990 veiwty (IMEI: 352595-02-036398-5) (S/N: 804KPRW036398) from your agency in IRAN; Goldirantelecom with receipt no: 224(87-06-05).
    There is a big mistake with entering text in keyboard mode (landscape keyboard); I cannot find 2 Persian characters
    د – Ù¾
    So, please check this because I bought another phone from Nokia (N81 8 GB) and it’s very good but your product in this price and with a lot of advertisement don’t satisfy me.
    Ali Ganji
    Tel: 0098 912 1173515
    No: 82 – Motalebi – Dolat St. – Gholhak – Tehran – IRAN
    PO Box: 1939787151

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