Poor iPhone 3G launch in India: Vodafone slashes prices

One of the major reasons the Apple iPhone 3G has been such a success is because of its subsidised price, bringing it within the reach of many whom otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford one.

But, as the iPhone 3G launch in India has show, launch success can be drastically dampened if you set pricing way too high, which is basically what has happened in India, were Airtel and Vodafone launched the Apple iPhone 3G at a pocket wrenching Rs 31,000, which is roughly a mind numbing $715.00 for the 8GB version.

This is mainly due to the non-subsidising of the Indian version; just why Vodafone and Airtel decided not to subsidise I’m not sure.

However, it appears that at least Vodafone has realised this possibly sales damaging mistake, and noting that launch excitement was perhaps not as it should have been; Vodafone was quick to act by reducing the price of the Apple iPhone 3G by Rs 2,000, which is about $46.00, across the board.

Is this pricing re-evaluation good enough? Maybe, but highly doubtful.

Source — cellpassion via engadget


4 thoughts on “Poor iPhone 3G launch in India: Vodafone slashes prices”

  1. Rajiv saini says:


    There is a myth in the market place on low pricing of the product (reference price point being Rs. 8000 or Rs.12000/- which

    refers to AT&T pricing of USD 199 or USD 299).

    The reports don’t factor the commitment which a customers needs to give for a particular Price Plan for a period of 24 Months

    in the case of AT&T. For O2 the commitment is for 18 months with selected plans.

    But, if we calculate other cost like montly rental for voice, i.e., 69.99 (USD), the total cost of ownership for the period

    of 24 months for a 8 GB model comes around Rs.81000/-! The total cost of ownership for O2 is around Rs.200000/- over a period

    of 18 months.

    In first look it looks high, but in long term, it is still cheaper in India. So, don’t stop urself from buying this lovely



  2. Rajesh says:


    A bit of relief. Now airtel is providing option of EMI to buy iPhone (www.airtel.in/iphone3g). At least, now people who were

    expecting to be in range of 16-20K can think again to buy it with EMI option. What you say guys? Can we hope to get its price

    down in future as well?


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