Apple iPhone 3G sells fast enough to out-shine original iPhone

So just how well is the Apple iPhone 3G selling? Well, it appears that despite all the ruckus about its weak battery, and questionable connections to 3G networks it looks as if its doing pretty well.

As of next week roughly 6 million Apple iPhone 3G handsets will be in the hands of iPhoners throughout the world, which basically means is that the new second generation Apple iPhone 3G has actually outsold the first generation Apple iPhone after just seven weeks.

Seven weeks to shift 6 million of the iconic 3G handset isn’t bad when you consider it took Apple virtually a whole year to sell 6 million of the original Apple iPhone.

Apparently, Foxconn are still manufacturing the Apple iPhone 3G at a rate of 800,000 a week. It looks like Apple is well on course to hitting and maybe surpassing the 40 million mark next year. So yeah, I guess you could say the Apple iPhone 3G is selling very well.

Source — techcrunch via macdailynews

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