Has Nokia lost their design wow factor with Nseries?

Nokia at one time used to push out mobile phones that were revolutionary and change the mobile arena, but with their latest, the Nokia N79, Nokia N85, and Nokia N96 maybe revolutionary should be changed to evolutionary because they do seem somewhat boring and quite bland handsets.

So what has happened with Nokia? All these of their latest have reminisces of past Nokia successes and other than internal tech advancement, many failed to impress in the slightest.

Research designer at Gartner, Carolina Milanesi, spoke to PC World saying: “Nokia needs something more distinctive going forward, truly new products rather than devices that look like a refresh of previous products on a slightly different form factor,”

It has been some time since Nokia wowed the mobile world in the design department. Gone are the days of the likes of the N90, the clamshell with a swivel camera; gone are the days of the N91 and even the N93i clamshell with its innovative display hinge that gave a laptop form factor.

So, do you feel that Nokia has lost its design prowess? Could Nokia, given the chance come up with a true iPhone competitor? Or do you feel Nokia design has reach the end of its day?

Source — PC World


One thought on “Has Nokia lost their design wow factor with Nseries?”

  1. iJha420 says:

    Form Follows Function…. are you with me?

    The reason Nokia is STUCK is because their software SUCKS!. You can not design and develop let alone launch a beautiful handset IF… now read my lips people IF YOUR SOFTWARE SUCKS!

    They will NEVER….. EVER come up with something as good as the iPhone. Reason. They are lame when it comes to an OS. To put it bluntly THE DO NOT HAVE AN OS. Nor do they have a computing “PLATFORM”.

    People just do NOT get it.

    iJah420 says once again GOOD LUCK NOKIA YOUR GOING TO NEED LOTS OF IT! The clock is ticking…. tic toc tic toc tic toc…

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