Security flaw allows bypass of Apple iPhone lock

Just how well is your Apple iPhone protected against data bandits? Well a four digit code isn’t that much of a deterrent to an ardent mobile phone hacker, and that is all the Apple iPhone affords.

Agreed the iPhone will lock up after a few attempts, but if the hacker is someone who knows you and say your code is your birth date or even the end digits of your phone number, they will easily pass the lock down system.

But apparently that doesn’t matter anyway because 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 both have been confirmed to allow you around the passcode lock just by hitting Emergency Call and then double hitting the home button.

Doing so will give access to Favourites and from there they can click an arrow which allows the use of links within contacts to get to the SMS, Safair apps, and Maps.

To disable this you need to change the home button functionality from default Favs to Home. Once done nothing will happen at the Emergence Call screen and your iPhone will be safe from sneaking eyes.

Source — macrumors via engadget

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