What would you like in the 3rd generation Apple iPhone?

So, now that the Apple iPhone 3G is out and in full swing is it too early to be thinking of what will be the next generation Apple iPhone?

It is probably going to be a year’s wait before we start hearing net whispers surfing the net waves about any potential Apple iPhone 3. Apple need to come up with a few new things, a few changes to bring a new definitive iPhone Gen-3.

However this image has been floating round the net, which looks like a cool new concept for the Apple iPhone 3rd generation. Having a completely see-through Apple iPhone would be quite a feat in technology, and I’m not that technically minded to say it couldn’t be done, but it would make an exciting venture.

So iPhoner’s just what ideas would you like to see when a new 3rd generation iPhone is in the making?

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30 thoughts on “What would you like in the 3rd generation Apple iPhone?”

  1. Nancy says:

    I would make the screen 1″ wider and 1″ taller.
    The device would still be pretty small… but with
    a much larger screen (about 7 square inches bigger).

    The (removable) battery(s) could be 3 TIMES the
    current size with the added space available.

    I would add a tiny laser-projector that could generate an ‘on your desk’ virtual keyboard.
    (It would also project movies on any wall… the
    size of your TV.)

    It would also read databar codes on any product in any store and tell you the prices of that same product at stores within 10 miles of you. (That can already be done with the camera… but a TRUE barcode-scanner would be better.)

    The entire back of the device would be an ‘any-light’ solar panel. (So ‘recharging’ would as simple as setting it face-down in your office.)

    I would add an IR output that would make any iPhone a ‘universal remote’ controlling any TV, VCR, DVD, PVR, CD player. (Oh, it would also unlock your home, car, and office doors.)

  2. Nancy says:

    I would *NOT* need 32-64gig RAM.

    I can already stream 400gig of music from my computer (and any friend’s computer) without
    putting any of the songs *ON* the iPhone itself.
    (Get the free “Simplify” app.)

    And I’m sure we will do video clips the same way… soon.

  3. Nancy says:

    > Having a completely see-through Apple iPhone
    > would be quite a feat in technology, and I’m

    And make if VERY hard to see my icons and info.
    (I want USABLE new ideas… not “does nothing but jack up the price” features.)

    Those ‘see-thru LED clock’ screens… cost $1 at the dollar stores these days. Old news.

  4. Nancy says:

    Or maybe a new ‘clam-shell’ iPhone:

    Like “2 iphones hinged together”.

    With the added space:

    The battery could be 5x bigger.

    A full QWERTY keyboard.

    No need for a case (the clam would ‘close’ to
    protect the buttons and screen).

    The iphone would be exactly the same size… just
    a little thicker.

  5. Roger says:

    It would be like the Alias and Flipshot mixed from verizon it could flip up and turn over like the flipshot to make it look like the normal iphone and it would also flip to the side like the Alias to reveal a full keyboard or even another touch screen

  6. Ricky says:

    an iphone nano in the shape of an ipod nano 🙂
    dont care much for the touch screen
    still want the enternet…
    music, of course,
    speakers 😛
    and youtube would b nice…
    and of course all the phone stuff 😛

  7. DrAlex says:

    007 technology: fingerprint security on screen where the screen scans the finger; cornea security, ie. photo of the eye to match record of owner’s eye – retina security not likely possible given size and power.
    Green technology: daily reminder/tip on how to save the planet
    Social technology: the apple logo glows when it’s next to another apple iphone; red glow = taken/not interested; amber glow = maybe; green glow = come have a chat with me if you like; purple glow = i’m a weirdo; oscillating glow = multiple personality problems.
    car technology: link up with security systems in car to act as a carkey. Manage all car systems through iPhone.
    work/life balance: daily/hourly reminders to chill out, and have a coffee with your nearest apple iphone carrying buddy. Could have dedicated order systems with the nearest coffee shop for quick order and pick up.
    stress management: iphone could monitor owner’s temperature and pulse to determine stress levels. Then chooses the appropriate music to play when ‘off duty’.
    So many possibilities….

  8. Alex says:

    i would make a nano version and give customability in colors and graphics

    also id put a camera on the front for iChat

    flip version kind of like the Motorola where the screen is big on the front

    TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would be the ultimate iPhone feature

  9. aksmac says:

    As a avid Apple lover I’d like to say how very disappointed I was when I got my iPhone, (sold it right away). Its full of cool gimmicks but lacks soo many phone functuions its ridiculous. What a pile of trash and the 2nd gen model with apparent 3G technology that cant even make video calls??? What are apple thinking?

    The phone lacks some very basic phone functionality like forwarding text, copy and paste, bluetooth, video capture, and the list goes on… I went straight back to my Nokia which I am more than happy with till Apple make a functional phone rather that a must have gadget.

  10. Seth says:

    Ok, Lets keep it simple people. A laser projector? C’mon get real. All the phone need to make it perfect is the capability to shoot video, maybe more memory, TV watching capabilities would be cool, but not a necessity. But lets face it, the best thing they could do to improve th iPhone, and to boost sales even further, is to LOWER THE MONTHLY PRICE. For goodness sake, you pay for the phone 4 time over in a year w/ that stupid bill, and thats just the lowest plan!!!

  11. Spongeworthy says:

    I think the solar panel idea would be great with all of this green thinking that going on right but the most important thing is lower the monthly price or make $99 unlimited, but solar panel on the back sweet!!!!!

  12. James says:

    How about just having the basic things that all phones have….say in the past 5 years. Copy and paste being one of them, forwarding single lines of text messages, and voice dial

  13. Jack (the creator of creating) Wilson says:

    a big bigger YES
    everything its got now YES
    bigger memory………………..OH YES
    but the main thing is well……………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    OLED screen, not crazy, just trying to kill the competitors.

  14. andeify says:

    * a far better camera at least 3.2mp id like to see 5mp – and this time a FLASH!! (the camera centred in the middle of the device)

    * a lot more storage 32, 64 or even 120gb 😀

    * a design similar to that of the new macbooks – alu unibody – chrome trim looks and feels tacky now

    * possibly a rubber feel back side, so it doesnt get scratched to bits

  15. andeify says:

    in fact —-

    Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (with connect to device features)
    3.2-5mp Camera centered in the middle of the device with FLASH and Video capture (up to dvd res @ dvd framerate)
    TV with freeview via WiMax or 3G
    iChat with front camera (2.0mp)
    white apple logo that lights up when in use like mac book
    Aluminium Unibody design like new macbooks (slightly fatter and squarer than 2g iphone)
    32, 64 or 120gb flash drive options with USB-HDD Support

    Text forwarding, copy and paste button comands (hold shift and C/V) making use of multi-touch
    multimedia messaging (picture messaging)

    all with faster CPU, More RAM and Better GFX (psp beater)

  16. Jose says:

    How about if the iPhone could have a bigger screen and watch movie close to full hd without tacking souch space. A bigger drive I say at least a 40 & a 80 gig. Add a flash player so we could watch other videos besides YouTube. A better camera that would be full functionable and hd video recorder. Better speakers and of course a better 3g network signal with a bigger battery

  17. Maya says:

    -text forwarding
    -copy and paste
    -horizontal keyboard for text
    -ability to customize backgrounds without jailbreaking your phone
    -better quality for youtube videos
    -ability to record videos
    -it would be AWESOME if there was some type of live video chat capability with other iphoners or with anyone with a webcam. Like, having another but smaller camera on the front of the phone somewhere so that you can see the video.
    -different color phones, just like the ipods are.

  18. agdfgsdfgsdthrythsrth says:

    i like that “clam shell” dual multi touch screen, but the screen got to be from end to end, auto hide/pop up on screen keyboard/ control for other apps on the whole screen #1, display on the screen #2 with option of swap screen. speakers could be on the side or back, control buttons like answer the phone without opening the clam.
    its gonna be almost double the thickness, but hey the iphone is thin enough, putting two iphones facing each other would still fits in your hand for sure.

  19. i would want the new iphone to have newerr cooler system. on it .
    it not to be made of plastic like the iphone 3g it more be like the iphone 1st gen . to have a flash based 32 gb or more disk space
    and very nice speckers and alow personal ringtones for messageing plus mms support. for picture mail and copie and pase function with forward for sms and mms. also more ram so the phone runs faster with a web browser that suports flash.
    and maybe a real slide out keyboard but idk the vertual one is pretty sweet but i would like it to support a real keyboard like a bluetooth mac keyboard.

  20. jamie says:

    1. Longer battery life.
    2. Cut and Paste
    3. Tasks and Notes synchronisation with MS Exchange
    4. Text forwarding
    5. Ability to handle Flash
    6. Ability to handle text messages natively
    7. Better Camera and Flash
    8. Built in Compass (to make proper SatNav)
    9. More memory, speed, storage
    10. Native productivity tools (Word-a-like, Excel-a-like)

    Frankly if Windows Mobile can do it then I want Apple to be able to do it. There should not be this long list of omissions which enables anyone to argue that a Blackberry or windows mobile device is better. At the moment one has to respond with “fair enough but I still prefer the iphone”, I should be able to say “there is almost nothing that you can do with your phone that the iphone can’t do, it’s just better with the iphone … and by the way have you seen this cool app I just downloaded…). If Apple don’t shape up on at least some of these basics, Android might just be their undoing.

  21. bobadoodle says:

    1. At least 3.2 mp camera (5 mp would be awesome!) with xenon flash and a bunch of other camera features (you can find apps to do this, but I think Apple should already be smart enough to put this in their next iPhone
    2. Video recording@ 15 fps (30 fps would be awesome!)
    3. 32, 64, or 120 gb storage (xD)
    4. Ability to text in landscape (without downloading any other apps)
    5. To add the functions that iPhone doesn’t have (like copy and paste)
    6. WAY better speakers (the iphone 3g speakers are mediocre)
    7. Some Microsoft Office-like-app
    8. Definitely better battery life
    9. Faster cpu speed
    10. Would be cool if the new iPhone was made like the new macbooks and macbook pros:)!
    11. Apple might want to make another version with a slide out full QWERTY keyboard for business people
    12. More stable 3g internet
    13. Stable apps
    14. Same OS or better new OS
    15. Include most of the awesome iPhone 3g functions
    16. 3g video calling
    17. Maybe bigger screen
    18. Bluetooth 2.1 EDR
    19. Better security programs, like fingerprint scanner
    Well, nothing else I guess. It seems like a lot to ask, but if Apple might be able to put ALL these features in the next iPhone, I will definitely buy it. If Apple wants to make an ACTUAL revolutionary phone, they should follow the things listed above for sure. They should at least put most of it in the new iPhone.

  22. kain says:

    I think that people are starting to see past the iPhone craze and realise the iPhone is not that great at the moment. Apple have always been famous for how great their products are compared to their competitors

    1. They should have microsoft mobile office available on the iphone so that people can easily send documents between phones whether they run windows mobile or not

    2. Have a slide out keyboard because the virtual keyboard is just a pain when you cannot get things right

    3. Make they iPhone available on a variety of networks and at a lower price , they did this in switzerland and sales there are massive , nearly everyone has a iphone out there

    4. Increase the camera capabilitys , it is just wrong that in 2009 apple cannot even make a camera that ZOOMS !!!

    5. Allow downloads from the safari browser Rather than from just the app store and e-mail.

    6. Let people use the GPS and Bluetooth capabilitys that the phone has , there really is no point in paying for the if you can barely use them

    7. Change iTunes so that you an stream movies for the price of a song , same with TV shows , this would make apple profitable because they don’t actually have the movie.

    8. Let the iphone connect to a your pc from your the internet so you can show people something you have on your phone … a bit like gotomypc.com

    10. Change the OS so that you have a home screen like with android that you can put your most used Apps and widgets on it

    This would make a killer phone that would not change the look and feel of the iphone , any major changes can make the iPhone confusing and after a few new iphone generations it will be jumbled up and confusing

  23. On the third Iphone I would want it to where you can turn it sideways to text so you have two options to text. And I would also really really really want the old aluminum back instead of the plastic one on the 3g

  24. Adam says:

    I would like:

    – SMS
    – A larger mpixel camera
    – video capture
    – more personalisation like ringtones and changeable backgrounds
    – free hotmail compatibility although unlikely 🙁

    I dont understand why it costs £99 to buy an iphone off O2 at £30 and £35 contracts. There should be some gap between.

    Apple only need to look at a competitor mobile to see what people want. I still like all its other features, just some basic phone functions.

    I’m not interested in an office business phone at the moment.

  25. Gabby says:

    i have had both iphone generations so far, and i dont think to much should be changed, because it all gets to confusing. after all, the main purpose of an iphone IS the phone. altough i would like if you could

    have a landscape keyboard,
    longer battery life,
    flash for camera
    a webcam would be sweet –
    and being able to sync your phone w/o the computer

  26. Linus says:

    What would be the point in a limpid iphone? Sure it would be a feat in technology but imagine the practicalities of having that, starting with putting the phone down. How would you know where it was? Going on where apple has taken its products over the last 18 months one would assume that the iphone 3rd generation will have an aluminum shell like the new mac books, imac, ipod shuffle, itv and mac mini. I think the best changes at the moment would be a longer battery life and a slightly improved camera. Other than that no complaints.

  27. Kieran says:

    Everyone is saying to add a ‘qwerty’ keyboard onto the new iPhone, but i think that the keyboard on the touch screen is 10x better! I also think that they should try to make it as thin as possible, and keep the rounded back, that makes it comfortable to hold. The new iPhone should definitely have a video recorder on it, i was disgraced to see that the 3g version didnt, i mean even those rubbish nokia phones have it! Definitely, another feature should be horizontal typing! It makes it so much easier on ‘safari’ typing horizontally, and having that on notes and emails would make it alot faster and mistake-free. I have been looking at concepts for the new iPhone and i came across this one:


    It is called the ‘macphone 3g’. I am not sure if it has been professionally designed or just made by some enthsiast, but i really like the look of it. It should definitally have the new 4g technology that ‘sprint US’ have come up with, but as i am in England, o2 would have to come up with the same.

  28. QQ says:

    mass sms function. to be able to forward smses to everyone. mms function.

    a more functional camera. gen1 / gen2 camera is really friggin bad.

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