Luxury handset market: will exceed $11 billion next year

Some of us are happy with a basic mobile that just makes and receives calls, others want media players, camera’s and touchscreen smartphones. But the growing number of people opting for the luxury handset is growing astronomically, put a cachet-laden brand name on the handsets like the LG Prada and D&G Motorola and it seems everyone wants to be part of the million dollar handset trend.

It’s becoming increasingly trendy to have the statement mobile, the more expensive the handset the more successful you are, you can have your mobiles gold plated, covered in diamonds, basically anything you want that screams how wealthy you are, you can have it, everyone is cashing in on the latest trend.

According to data by ABI research, the call for obscure boutique branded handsets is on the rise, demand is huge and the potential for profit and glory is appealing. This year 5.7 million handsets that fit the luxury segment of the market are expected to be sold. The global revenue by 2013 is expected to reach $43 billion.

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