HTC Touch HD the low down pre-release style

HTC’s newest offering the HTC Touch HD isn’t really reviewed here but does offer a few snippets of information and at least there is a image for the somewhat visually starved who enjoy looking at new mobile phone images.

Apparently the HTC Touch HD has a “positively gorgeous” 800 x 480 display, while the camera is fairly decent but the auto-focus tends to run a tad slow. The HTC Touch HD incorporates the lasts incarnation of the TouchFLO 3d interface and chugs along quite nicely.

Even with its heavy duty spec sheet and large display, the HTC Touch HD still managed to come out at the same size as an Apple iPhone 3G. Only real problem is the HTC Touch HD is being release in the 4th quarter and without global HSPDA.

Source — Engadget