T-Mobile to double 3G service for HTC Android Dream G1

It seems T-Mobile really does believe that Android is going to go big guns in the mobile arena as they are doubling the size of their 3G network over the coming month, and that just happens to coincide with Google’s launch of the Android based HTC Dream G1 mobile handset.

T-Mobile is adding, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Orlando, Sacramento, Seattle and San Francisco to its line-up of UMTS/HSDPA-served regions by mid-October and already include Boston, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Miami, and New York, the venue for the launch of the first Android phone.

And T-Mobile is looking to add even more by the end of the year with Detroit, Denver, Kansas City and Memphis, which will bring T-Mobile’s 3G service to a total of 27 regions.

Source — techradar