Linux unfit for mobile says Symbian

At the GigaOM:Mobilize conference in San Francisco, Symbian has stated that Linux is unfit for use on mobile phones.

Vice president of Symbian’s North American operations, Jerry Panagrossi, said: “There’s been a lot of misleading information over the years…about the fitness of Linux for the mobile space. There has been wonderful work, fantastic work in the Linux community in the workstation and PC space, but when you drag that over into the mobile space, there is an entirely different domain with a different set of challenges that handset managers must overcome.”

As Symbian seeps into Nokia and open source its own mobile OS Panagrossi believes that by adopting Linux mobile manufacturers are taking the industry in the wrong direction.

Source — theregister


One thought on “Linux unfit for mobile says Symbian”

  1. Dude says:

    What a jerkoff … Symbian need to be cosying up to the Linux community, not releasing this kind of nonsense.

    Bollox to Symbian … open source, my ass.