Windows Mobile 6.1 update for Verizon Motorola Q9c

After somewhat of a wait, those Verizon customers who have been patiently waiting to update their Motorola Q9c to Windows Mobile 6.1 can now download the update as Motorola has finally released the Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for said handset on their portal.

The Windows Mobile 6.1 update brings a refreshed home screen UI to the Motorola Q9c along with threaded SMS text messages and copy/paste functionality, so gives the Motorola Q9c a little bit of a facelift.

Motorola Q9c owners can grab the Windows Mobile 6.1 update via here, but remember to back you all your stuff before doing so.

Source — intomobile


6 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 6.1 update for Verizon Motorola Q9c”

  1. The great thing about WM 6.1 is that most of the operators provide them for FREE. Compare it with Apple’s firmware update policy. Also, for iPhone and iPods there are not so many free apps. Compare AppStore at list with our sites http://www.smartphone-freeware.org/ and http://www.pocketpcfreeware.org/ and you’ll see what I mean. Few dozens of AppStore freebies again our thousands! And look at Android. It’s even not officially released and there are already thousands of apps! What I mean is that amount and quality of (free) apps is the most important factor which tell if one or another mobile platform will succeed on the market.

  2. spurs561 says:

    This update supremely stinks ( it is for Verizon so I can’t speak for the other carriers ) in the fact that once it reaches the firmware screen on the phone it reports that it is disconnected on the software screen and to restart the phone which requires the battery be removed. It is frozen at that point. Then when it reconnects it states it is not the same hardware and won’t continue. I have tried to do this update on 5 different machines with 3 different operating systems other than windows Vista 64. And also on 2 other Q9C’s. I have removed software and reinstalled, I have re-downloaded the software update several times from the Motorola site. I have done complete and total Master resets as well as a complete and total format of all of my Q9C’s. Nothing is working. I have contacted Motorola 4 times with no response. I am a certified Tech so I can’t imagine what the average end user is going through. Needless to say I will not be getting any other Motorola products. They can’t write a program properly (as well as Microsoft getting some of the blame here) and they will not provide customer service, or even a courtesy response. And I mean no response at all from any of their provided contacts. I can’t even believe these knuckleheads won’t respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well I guess they think they are so big that they don’t need to. Bad mistake in this day and age. A lot of people can be contacted in a very short time. And bigger companies have fallen when they decided their customers did not matter. Oh well! This is to warn you folks that may be about to try it. It’s not worth the headache and I suggest that you buy an LG, Samsung or anything else where they at least provide customer support of any kind!!!!!!!

  3. spurs561, holly molly, I’m really sorry to hear that. I was expecting that WM6.1 is better than WM6. I remember when I went from 5.0 to 6 I notices faster response time from the device. Anyway, let’s wait for WM7. I fear Verizon and other carriers won’t bother to update subscribers from WM6.1 to WM7 🙁

  4. evan says:

    Hi, I really need some help. When I run the update, it doesnt recognize my phone, and Ive been on the line with Verizon and Motorola for about 5 hours and cant seem to figure out why it isnt connecting, maybe theres something im doin wrong? The ActivSync works fine, but I cant update to WM6.1 🙁 so can someone please email me at omgitzevan@gmail.com if you had the same problem, suggestions, or any other ideas, Thanks!!

  5. Matt says:

    I have the exact same problem as spurs561 had. Anyone know of any way around it? Might it work if I go to my provider (Verizon) and update through them? (I don’t see why it would, but I’m grasping at straws here)

  6. spurs561 says:

    I was never able to get this done despite workarounds that others swore by and Verizon’s best tech’s getting involved. Verizon ende up swapping out my Q for one that had the update already installed. But it took threatening to go with another provider to get that done. The newer version is better though.