Amazon Music for G1 Android Vs iTunes for iPhone?

Well its clearly T-Mobile G1 Android phone day today on Phones Review and probably on every other phone website, as it is the official announcement of the T-Mobile G1 which will be running on the Google Android mobile platform.

Although we can’t get hold of the phone until next month, rumour has it on October 17, you can bet your bottom dollar that the phone will be in the hands of the high and mighty at T-Mobile, HTC and Google employee’s, oh maybe this is time to find a new facebook friend who works for Google.

We already have has news of one G1 Android being seen in San Francisco and having an Amazon video and music store application running on the device. So does this mean iTunes for the iPhone and Amazon for the Android G1 are going head to head? Ding Ding round one!

Source: venturebeat

Image: riznn