T-Mobile G1 Google Android premiers today

Today we see the launch of the T-Mobile G1, Google’s Android phone, the most anticipated mobile phone since the launch of the Apple iPhone 3G, however the G1 will follow a different path to that of the Apple iPhone.

Google’s first Android is expected to do well, but it is doubtful it will experience the early success like that of the iPhone. It has been predicted by analysts that HTC the manufacturer of the Android phone will sell somewhere between 200,000 and 400,000 handsets this year.

This is of course assuming the G1 is available in late October with a price tag of $199.00 on a 2 year contract. Estimates reckon the first Android will grab about 4 percent of the US market in the first quarter. Some analysts who have seen versions of G1 also state it’s not quite as stylish as the Apple device.

I guess only time will tell just how well the Android will do.

Source — businessweek


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  1. With only a few hours until the official launch of the G1 phone, its pretty exciting to see what surprises they will be announced at the New York press conference.

    http://www.g1tube.com will have all the latest news, info & videos from the press conference as and when they happen.

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