Nokia brings exclusive TV channels to the N96

Right after Nokia officially launched the Nokia N96 mobile handset they now unveil a slew of TV channels exclusively for the Nokia N96 called Capsule 96. The thing is each episode is available in 96 second shots; yeah you guessed it 96 seconds because it’s the N96.

According to the Nokia press release…”Catering to the new generation of time poor ‘content grazers’ who want insightful, up-to-the minute content in condensed packages to watch at their leisure, Capsule N96 offers high quality ‘infotainment’ to view on the go.”

Nokia has push out a few for its content which include comedy, culture and homes, gadgets, fashion, and mobisodes (presumably mobile-episodes) on motoring.

Just don’t ask me what a ‘content grazer’ is.

Source — techradar

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