Apple iPhone 3G available in Hong Kong unlocked

Yes you read right, you can now get your Apple iPhone 3G unlocked via Apples on-line store in Hong Kong. You can purchase either the 8GB for HK $5,500 so you looking about US$694 but for those who want to go for the 16 GB you will be looking at about HK$6,200 which is around US797.

The 3G has been available in Hong Kong since July 11 at Hutchison Telecommunication that came with a contract, but this really is great news for those who need the phone unlocked.

So basically if you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online store it can then be activated with any wireless carrier, all you have to so is insert the SIM from whatever phone you have now and put it in your new iPhone 3G, then connect to iTunes 8 and by magic you are connected and have completed the activation. This service is available on Hong Kong only, if they broaden their service we will let you know.

Source: engadgetmobile

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