PRINTSTIK ultra portable Bluetooth printer

The PRINTSTIK is a new ultra portable Bluetooth enabled printer which gives the user the ability to print while on the move.

The PRINTSTIK is an easily portable printer that can fit in a laptop case or nag and connects via Bluetooth or USB to the user’s laptop, BlackBerry smartphone or PDA.

PlanON sates the PRINTSTIK will soon be compatable with Windows Mobile handsets and even the Apple iPhone next year, and uses thermal paper cartriddges that contain 20 pages of A4.

PRINTSTIK can print out 3 pages a minute and late up to 30 pages before needing a recharge, and measures 280mm long with a weight of 700 grams and has a price tag of £199.00.

Source — planon


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  1. Funny how there is a now a demand for all these Bluetooth printers – computers, mobiles etc. were supposed to reduce demand for paper not increase it! Nice idea from a gadgety point of view but I can’t help feeling we ought to be cutting our use of paper down.

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