16 Giant Companies come together to promote mobile broadband

16 giant companies that includes the likes of Gemalto, Microsoft, Dell, Asus, Lenovo, Orange, ECS, Ericsson, Telecom Italia, Qualcomm, Telefonica Europe, T-Mobile, Vodafone, TeliaSonera and Toshiba have decide to get together and promote mobile broadband.

The 16 operators from device manufacturers and mobile operators are hugely supporting of LTE (the long-term evolution of 3G), many devices will be getting cellular data connectivity in upcoming devices, and this is fantastic news for those with smartphones, laptops etc. A statement was released on Tuesday via the GSM Association, the members of the group including the likes of chipset manufacturers, mobile operators and PC have already said that they will pre-install “always-connected” capability in new devices; this is a great alternative to Wi-Fi.

We all know that there is a massive debate over LTE and WiMax, and yes these are definitely competing against each other. WiMax loves wireless hotspots like Wi-Fi, whereas LTE transmits data over cellular networks.

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  1. For a change some of top service providers are banding together on something, rather than the being exclusive, which appears to be the latest trend. This a good for mobile broadband, it frees you up from finding hotspots. Orange mobile broadband and Vodafone mobile broadband will offer these ‘3G inside’ laptops which bear a Mobile Broadband logo. These branded laptops should start shipping in 91 countries by Christmas.

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