Motorola looking to hire 300 Android developers

It appears that Google Android has been having a hard time gaining industry support, but recently, Motorola announced their plans to hire 300 Android developers. T-Mobile has already made plans to use Android as well.

Quote: ‘A quick search of Motorola’s job openings suggests that, indeed, Android is set to become a permanent fixture at Motorola, which has long built Linux-based phones but hitherto used MontaVista’s Mobilinux. The goal? Move from an internal development pool of 50 Android-savvy developers to 350. Motorola, recognizing that most developers won’t have deep experience with Google Android, is looking for a somewhat general skillset … Java and Google Android programming experience is listed as “highly desirable,” but not required.'”

It is obvious to me that if Android does become popular then more developers will jump aboard, until then it is going to be a slow start.

Source — slashdot


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