Carphone Warehouse to supply Nokia XpressMusic 5800 as PAYG

The biggest thing coming out of Nokia at the moment is their Nokia Tube, otherwise known as the Nokia XpressMusic 5800, and at least Nokia hasn’t forgotten the people who prefer pay-as-you-go.

Nokia has teamed with the Carphone Warehouse with the launch of the Comes with Music, and is the chosen pay-as-you-go retailer for the Nokia XpressMusic 5800 Comes with Music handset.

So when you hand over your £129.95 to the Carphone Warehouse, you’ll get a reasonable mobile handset along with the Comes with Music service for a year, and you can keep the downloads once the year is up.

UPDATE: Sorry to all Phones Review readers, our author got it a little wrong, It’s the Nokia 5310 thats available, not the 5800. Just want to say a big thanks to ShinyShiny for letting us know.

Source — shinyshiny


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