Panasonic and Staples join for recycling initiative

Staples have joined with Panasonic and announced a recycling event which will award customers of Staples for going green, from 12th of October to the 15th of November, Staples customers can recycle their unwanted phones at any Staples outlet and gain $30.00 of Staples Rewards with any qualifying Panasonic environmentally-friendly cordless telephone.

The qualifying Panasonic environmentally-friendly models are KX-TG1034S – KX-TG9344T – KX-TS4300B* – KX-TG2480B* – KX-TS3282B* – KX-TS4500B* – KX-TG9332S – KX-TS4100B* – KX-TGA450B* – KX-TG9343T – KX-TS4200B* – KX-TG6700B*

Panasonic DECT phones are Energy Star qualified and use 1/3 less energy than regular phones, and use 100% recycled material and does not use tyrofoam in the packaging.

Source — Panasonic