Skypephone problems anyone?

I have had in my possession for some time a first generation 3 Skypephone, and have experienced a few problems with it in the past so I thought I’d share these insights with our readers.

Firstly, the 3 Skypephone when connecting to the internet for any reason rapidly uses up whatever battery charge it is holding, and basically leaves little time to do anything once it’s taken an ignorantly long time to connect. As for MSN on the Skypephone, forget it, it takes so long to load you could have sent the message by carrier pigeon quicker.

The other thing is turning the Skypephone on, I have never known a mobile phone to take so long to pull up the home screen, and it just seems to take forever. The main problem now though is for some reason the damn thing keeps going to silent; no matter what I do after a few minute the profile jumps back to silent.

So, is the Skypephone giving anyone else problems? If so let me know.


2 thoughts on “Skypephone problems anyone?”

  1. Jeffers says:

    I bought two of these…one for me and one for the g/f.
    I bought them solely for their ability to use Skype as we both have other mobiles.
    I can’t text due to having a disability. I was told by 3 when I purchased the TWO contracts that the voice quality on Skype would be comparable with a normal mobile call. That was at the end of March 08.
    I have just paid off the contracts and closed my account. Simply put….they lied to me. The voice quality on Skype on either phone was frequently just plain terrible. Its now in the hands of Trading Standards as the phones were mis-sold. I use Skype on my PC with a good headset and the voice quality is in a different league, right around the world. I spent at least 15 hours during my working day talking to their extremely polite techie guys in
    India who were entirely unable to help and even they said that the Skype quality would never match a standard mobile call. They might think I’m going to go away but this is just the beginning. I won’t rest until they’ve refunded my money. All of it, plus earnings lost as a result of 15 hours of wasted time.

  2. Andy says:

    Yep my Skype S1 even gets noticably warm when activily browsing – using all those cpu cycles – and a full charge battery life goes down to a matter of 4 or 5 hours. Gives plenty of warning on battery display icon – going first orange and then red and then beeping before running out.

    Not found such an dramatic effect when using skype but no real details to post yet on run time.