joiphone VoIP Service Complaints: Have your say

Many customers are complaining about the joiphone VoIP Service, there have been so many complaints about this company joiphone.com mentioning the lack of service, lies and aggravation.

We thought we would step in and help all you customers complaining about joiphone and what we found was absolutely nothing, it seems their website is non-existent, there is no website at all anymore.

Some people have said they have not been able to receive calls for around 40 days plus and were told that tech-guys will have it fixed, well apparently they have not. We want to hear all your complaints about joiphone, maybe they will contact us here at Phones Review and help all those who are having problems.


30 thoughts on “joiphone VoIP Service Complaints: Have your say”

  1. Ed Lukoss says:

    I had my phone work one day and today there is nothing and you can’t get hold of the company either by phone ot their website. I think Jacek is correct, I think they folded along with my $107 (USD).

  2. Robert Kissel says:

    I had phone service up until last night, 10-10-08, then nothing. Tried to call their service line but could not get through, though at one point I did get an answering machine. But their web site? Gone!

    Does anyone at all know exactly what is going on?

  3. RK says:

    The parent company, Hawk Communications, website down. No answer on their phone in Atlanta: 1-770 349-3412

    Hawk Communications Llc
    3530 Ashford Dunwoody Road
    Atlanta, GA 30319

  4. I have caller ID showing up to 10/10 at 2 p.m.

    Guess nothing else afterwards. Been with them awhile. I know my number incorrectly shows up as “Hawk Communication” on caller ID so maybe that’s the company responsible.

    It’s very annoying.

  5. Robert Kissel says:

    Here is the parent company for Joiphone:

    Hawk Communications Llc (Hawk Communications Llc)
    55 Marietta St Nw,
    Atlanta, GA 30303-2807
    Phone: (404) 349-3434

    When I called I got an answering machine

  6. Sriman says:

    Joiphone is completely out of service as of now not sure whether they will retrieve. Paid for 1 year lost $200 plus. I tried several times to reach them No response. Hope they don’t close like sunrocket voip service ???

  7. Nels Poulsen says:

    I’m pretty happy with the service so far (since June 08). After a scary 12 hours of absolutely nothing (no service, no website, no support phone, nada), Joiphone was up and running fine by 6:00pm Saturday after about 10 hours of nailbiting.
    Their response to my email to support@joiphone.com was timestamped at 8:45pm and said: “Earlier on Saturday we had some network affecting issue. All issues were resolved as of 6PM Eastern.” Not much of a technical explanation, but with service back, not sure I care.

    And, yes, from personal experience, customer service does exist by both email and phone. Cheap calls to China are VERY important to us and, after a few glitches when we first signed up, customer service had the problem fixed in a matter of days.

    I was also worried that they had pulled a Sunrocket, but not so, thank heavens. My experience with them has been pretty good and I haven’t found anyone any cheaper.

  8. Ed Lukoss says:

    My service was back by the next day as was also a working phone number and accessible website to Joiphone. In this techno-world we live in, glitches seem to be the norm, this may not make us happy campers but, it is reality.

  9. Alex b says:

    I have used JoiPhone as my primary home phone for over 1 year. I can not say enough good things about JoiPhone. I brought most of my friends and family to JoiPhone and I only get good feedback. JoiPhone even upgraded my adapter to a 4port Cisco router for free. The only time I had issues with my phone was few hours this past Saturday.


  10. Ben Dover says:

    I have never in all of my life dealt with a company that is as full of deciept, lies, and ineptitude. Your service may work great now, like mine did for about 5 weeks, but your time will come…

    My service was out for 6 weeks. I could not receive a call from anyone and I could not forward my calls to another number. After 5 weeks, I was told that they didn’t know if the issue would ever be resolved.

    Hearing that, I decided to sign up with another provider and transfer my number to them. JoiPhone keeps denying my transfer request and says that I made a request to transfer my number to a different carrier before I made the request to transfer my number to the provider I’m with now. That is an outright lie.

    A co-worker of mine has experienced the exact same run around and pack of lies. I have filed a complaint with my CC, the BBB, and the FCC. AVOID JOIPHONE AT ALL COSTS, FOR YOUR OWN SANITY!!!

    I only hope I can get them to abide by the law they are bound to and transfer my number, per my request so that I never have to deal with them again. They are unbelievable!

    On a side note, this is a direct, word-for-word quote from the JoiPhone Sales department, “In reference to correcting your issue we have procured a shipment of incense which we have been burning for the last 24 hours with the hope that we will get good Chi and a sense of balance in our minds and souls.”

    That’s the kind of “people” you’re dealing with.

  11. Ed Lukoss says:

    I can understand Ben Dover’s outrage because I found JoiPhone’s service and treatment of it’s customers/clients ridiculous as well.

    I am not going into detail but, suffice it to say after they requested I double pay in order to get my account reactivated I went through the roof. I wrote them and terminated my agreement and closed my account. Meanwhile I am having my credit card company go after them so I can get a refund of my wasted money.

  12. F Ross says:

    Well, Joiphone service seems to be gone again.. no response from customer service other than e-mail which says they received my e-mail..guess I wait 24 hours to see if service return before I sign up with another provider. I guess I was lucky, I got almost a year of service for my prepaid 107.60 (and 75 for the modem) Still way cheaper than Rip-off AT&T landline wanting to Up me to 65/month for basic service (AT&T: may your stocks drop to 5 cents, your execs get sued, and 1000 dung beatles take residence in your underware). Dammgood thing I have my cellphone!

  13. In short stay as far away from these incompetent losers as you can.
    I signed up for a year of service in August and paid in full for a residential line ($8.95 a month at the time) the total was $140.37. This sounds like a good deal right….WRONG.
    On Wednesday December 10th they erroneously discounted the number. Now, when you call in or try to call out the recording says: this is an invalid account. Let me remind you this is only the fourth month of a 12 month deal.
    I have called joiphone twice a day, every day and sent countless emails to sales@joiphone.com, billing@joiphone.com and cancel@joiphone.com. As of Saturday December 13th, still no service.

    Do yourself a favor: In short stay as far away from these incompetent losers as you can!

  14. Kevin Propp says:

    I also had a bad experience with Joiphone and tell people to stay away. They told me that they could give me internet service in my area and I could keep my existing phone number which were both important to me otherwise no deal. After they took money out of my account and a week later I finally received the modem thing for hooking up phones, when it didn’t work I called tech support and then they told me that they don’t offer internet in my area. Bait and switch tactics, poor support had to go to some website to cancel which I had to do several times before they did. The BBB has numerous complaints with them which I added my complaint. I should have checked them out first before getting scammed. Buyer Beware!!

  15. NANUEL VALDES says:

    I need you that cancel my phone service because I had many problem I will try to speak some body I do not have good answer, please tell me how I can return the modem

  16. John says:

    After 2 years of cheap so-so service with Joiphone I decided to go with another company. I had my new provider start the process of porting over my phone number and I sent Joiphone the required email to cancel service. I did not get a reply so I called them and they told me someone would get back to me. When I didn't hear back I sent another email and called again…same answer. Didn't hear back and my cc got charged for a new month of service. I continued to email and call them. This went on for 3 months and they continued to bill my cc. Finally after 3 months I spoke to somebody who sounded sane and she promised to put in a request for a refund for the 3 months of inactive service but that they needed the equipment returned first. I sent the equipment. I never heard from them again and by the time I got around to calling my cc company, 6 months had passed so it was too late for them to contest the charges. STAY AWAY FROM JOIPHONE!!!
    They are unresponsive and rude thieves.

  17. Jonny Gomes says:

    I prepaid for their service for one full year. More than a month ago I stopped receiving incoming phone calls because of their service interruption. I raised the issue with them couple of times and all they told me was that they don’t know when the issue will be fixed. I told them to refund me and I was told that according to the contract I won’t get back the money. So I finally cancelled their service and forfeited my money. Don’t get their service. Their engineers are dumb, the customer service rep is dumb and the whole company is made with bunch of thieves.

  18. Anonymous says:

    sevice SUCKS there tech is an outside svc.,plus because I do not call before expiring date they charge my account for another amount of time (6 mo.). they would not let me cancel. no refund.
    something goes wrong with your equipment you have to pay shipping for equip both ways.
    please don’t get this svc.

  19. Rick says:

    I added a 2nd Joiphone line for my home office about 16 months ago and renewed for a 2nd year (paid 1 year in advance) about 4 months ago. 1 week ago both my Joiphone lines were shut off, due to what they called “abuse”. I am considered an abuser because I used the 2nd line for business calls at my home office, even though I confirmed my intended useage at the time the order was placed. I could not get service back on unless I paid them a $200 abuse fee, and to agree to pay them Substancially higher rates, including monthly and per minute usage fees. I tried to port my numbers to a new service, but Joiphone wouldn’t release the numbers, because I was not in “good standing” with them. I have since paid their ransom and am in the process of moving to another provider.

    I have tried on numerous occasions to speak to anyone at the company who can hear my side of the story and make a fair decision, yet nobody from the company has contacted me, either by email, snail mail, phone call or carrier pigeon. I want to let the world know how terribly the treat their customers. Everyone should know they don’t give a rat’s *&%$ about their customers, only their money.

    Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!

  20. Margaret says:

    Our Joi Phone unit was damaged in an electrical storm. My husband and tried for two weeks to get a replacement unit.  Joi Phone told us that they would first have to send us an e-mail. 
    We called several times (and waited on hold) to try to get the e-mail and the replacement box.  We never got it, even though they are able to e-mail our invoices with no problem.

    We finally canceled the service on May 18, 2012.  We have pre-paid thru Feb 13, 2013, but Joi Phone refused to refund the unused portion and required us to mail the unit back at our expense.  We have
    been a Joi Phone customer for 3 years and have made all the payments on time.   But when we needed service from them, it was non-existent.  We were also unhappy with the voice mail; it cut most messages off in the middle of the message. 

    Don’t get Joi Phone – it will not bring you joy.

  21. ShawnG says:

    Last year I purchased service from JoiPhone. I installed it and it seemed to work ok. after about a month, I started to use the phone more and noticed serious quality issues. The line was staticy and would not connect half of the time. I contacted them and they wanted to send me a replacement adapter. This took about 2 weeks to coordinate and get in. It still was crappy. I asked for a refund and they denied it saying that I was over my 30 days, which I was , only because they wanted to send a replacement that took 2 weeks to arrive. I told them to cancel the service, but even though I prepaid for a year they would not refund ANY money. Here we are a year later and I have started receiving emails that I owe them money because they cannot charge the original card I used to pay for service. Thankfully it expired. I have contacted them and finally have confirmation of cancellation, but they are threatening to turn me over to collections for another YEAR of service… STAY AWAY from this shady company! Use RingCentral instead. They had no problem making their product work at my home…

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