Pros and Cons from T-Mobile G1 first User review

The Google Android T-Mobile G1 has been given a first user review by kazio, an Android Community Forum member, shows off the Android OS and has put together a few Q and A’s and some pro’s and con’s in their view.

For the T-Mobile G1: fairly quick to startup compared to other HTC devices – – slide out keyboard works well and feels solid – – Android Market works just as well as the iPhone’s App Store – – speaker is relatively loud – – earpiece is fairly clear – – lots of useful apps to download – – and the G1 is very light.

Against the T-Mobile G1: battery charger makes the bottom extremely hot – – no virtual QWERTY keyboard included – – big memory leak somewhere, needs a restart to run smooth again – – no folder system like that found on other HTC handsets – – video playback is very limited – – doesn’t run as smoothly as you think, programs sometimes stutter trying to start up.

Source — androidcommunity


6 thoughts on “Pros and Cons from T-Mobile G1 first User review”

  1. keith sherbaugh says:

    This review is old news it was posted days ago! Also the reviewer recanted his cons in a later interview stating most of the problems were brought on by not using an OEM charger an or improper use.

  2. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    This is ridiculous… This news is old and dishonorable being that there is no choppiness to that degree, it runs smoother than the I-Phone, the phone only heated at the bottom from using the wrong charger, and the truth is that this cell phone is an awesome phone, but here are these I-Phone disappointed users, who’s locked in a contract they can’t afford to break, their credit too screwed up to get a Tmobile contract and they envy the Tmobile G1 by Google because they wish they could have the technology we are attaining come October 22nd which happens to be dominating in sells and technology. So they whine, compare and knick pick by putting the I-Phone (The Jesus Phone) next to the Tmobile G1 (Thee GoD Phone). Jesus is the Son of GoD, get the FriGGin HinT!! TMOBILE G1 Here I Come!!

  3. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    This review is very old and very unreliable, this guy must be an I-Phone lover because I noticed that their jealous of the Tmobile G1, which runs smoothly, has greater technology, more interesting apps and the bottom doesnt gets heated with the proper and accurate usage of charger. Let’s face Iphone lovers, you’re the Jesus Phone, but Tmobile G1 is thee GoD Phone… Jesus is just thee Son of GoD… get my Drift?

  4. Jason G says:

    Here is an interesting fact that maybe some people considering the G1…. suprisingly if you get yourself a decent pair of headphones such as the Sonys with the ear cushions so they dont fall out, and a headphone adapter… i can safely say that the G1 pumps out more bass, treble, and crisp audio quality than I could ever expect on even a high quality MP3 player. Its even better than quality than an ipod. its just awsome. and its got very loud volume too.

    People should not whine about not having a 3.5mm headphone jack… the headphone adapters you can buy off amazon are all standard HTC headphone adapters which are compatible with not only the G1 but MOST other HTC phones, and they are all extremely short in length. They also slot into the USB port of the phone tightly leaving u with the comfort knowing that rough movement in your pocket wont damage or snap it off easily. then simply pop ur phone into the G1

  5. keith sherbaugh says:

    I have had my G1 since Oct. 23 and it is a very good device all around the only thing I dislike is the “creeking” noise it makes due to the keyboard moving even in call. I do not use my keyboard alot but it still does this.

  6. mjking says:

    omg that guy is defidently a bi*ch as* iphone lovers. the G1 is terric. the only flaw is short battery life and thats not even that bad. the iphone sucks just like da people who use it with that dumb a*s onscreen keyboard. the G1 is oviusley the better choice duh! so drop that iphone and grab a G1

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