Apple iPhone 3G Vs BlackBerry Storm in Advertising teasers

Vodafone give us a sneak preview of the BlackBerry Storm with a new Teaser video clip, Apple have also posted its latest advert teaser for the iPhone 3G. Both BlackBerry and Apple show off their latest innovative smartphones enticing us to their brands. Apple posted it’s teaser clip for the iPhone 3G on the Apple website.

Starting with Apple’s advert entry that is titled “Game Changer” it is produced in the Apple style of pin-pointing just a single iPhone application and promoting just that, in the case of this latest advert it shows MLB.com’s At Bat, this app will show the user live pitch updates, scores and video clip features, you can click the link at the bottom of this article to watch the Apple iPhone 3G ad for yourself.

Now Research in Motions BlackBerry Storm advert teaser is something quite different enticing you more with its look, style and innovation, the video shows the Storms best features like the GPS maps, instant messaging, Camera and video, with words like “We want one now” on the screen whilst showing you the BlackBerry Storm 9500 for every side, the advert really makes you feel like you just want to reach out and grab this gorgeous smartphone for yourself, don’t worry the wait will be over very soon.

What do you think of BlackBerry’s and Apples advert teasers?

Apple iPhone 3G advert

BlackBerry Storm advert