Apple Store down: The problem is iPhone or New MacBook Pro

Now we have just noticed that the Apple Store is down, can this be down to customers wanting the Apple iPhone because they want to be faithful to Apple and say no chance to the BlackBerry, or could it be down to the all new Apple MacBook Pro and the event that is going on.

Personally we feel it is about the laptop that has stopped people being able to visit the Apple Store, come on Apple sort it out and do something special for iPhone owners to stay with you and not steer off towards the BlackBerry Storm or T-Mobile G1 Android phone.

Looks like the Apple Store will be down for a while so tell all your mates to come and have a read on Phones Review, come on join our party.

The Apple Store


6 thoughts on “Apple Store down: The problem is iPhone or New MacBook Pro”

  1. Mike van Lammeren says:

    It’s down because they are announcing new products today.

    If you didn’t already know that, then you’re awesome!

  2. Jack Swoboda says:

    come on now, the store is down so they can update it with the new product line…. Don’t be idiotic, this happens literally EVERY time there is a keynote. calm down.

    1. Am30561 says:

      Hello are u jack swoboda that works with apple im Antonio I don’t know if you remember me I called apple with a itouch problem and you gave me your personal email to contact you on 10-18-11 to tell if I solved the problem which I couldn’t and I also sent a email to you but I recieve a MAILER-DAEMON message which my message couldnt be sent. I hope this is you and can help me. Thank you. And if this isn’t you sorry for sending you this message.

  3. rob says:

    the store is down, but not on purpose. The apple store sever must be swamped right now.

    That’s what happens when you wait way to damn long to update your products!

  4. EddieP says:

    Well now we’ve seen the newly launched Macbooks we can all breathe again. Was it worth the wait for a laptop hewn from an aluminium ingot…I don’t think so. Yes, welcome to Rip Off Britain again – here we pay £950 for the basic model vs. $1299 in the US, plus we lose the backlit keys. Plus the basic model has jumped £20 and Apple has not touched it. In the face of recession sales will be interesting to watch….aways plenty of folk desperate enough to jump in with Apple tho’