Mysterious G1 Android T-Mobile Pre-order List: NO LIST

Now this is a good one, the all new “Mysterious G1 Android T-Mobile Pre-order List”, apparently there is no list.

We visited the Android Community Forum and came across something really interesting, someone on their called “almightyA” said that they have been reading that some people have got themselves on mysterious lists to get the upcoming G1 Android phone at their local T-Mobile stores. Well “almightyA” decided to call the nearest ones and they say that there will be no list and that they will be selling these handsets on a strictly first come first serve basis.

Another person on the site said “I think it is different depending on the store. I have heard most taking the list just take it to judge demand & will be following FCFS. But some pp has reported that some stores are reserving it for people on the list. Just stuff I read @ tmonews. Just clarify with the store(s) YOU plan to go to on what their policy is”.

So is there a list, or is it the case of strictly first come first serve basis?