Nokia gets greener with wooden concept phone

Not sure if you can get any greener with a mobile phone than this one from Nokia. The Nokia eco-team has designed an eco-friendly concept mobile phone that is made of sustainable wood.

Apparently this Nokia eco-mobile phone runs the Symbian S60 operating system, and incorporates an 8 megapixel camera and Bluetooth. Obviously its internals are all modern technology but at least the outer casing is eco-friendly.

Whether or not the Nokia Wood phone will actually make it to the market is debatable, but it should be a step in the right direction; one would presume the screen is made of glass and not nasty plastic of course.

Source — cellphonebeat


One thought on “Nokia gets greener with wooden concept phone”

  1. baddy says:

    now, we can surely call the nokia as the innovation factory…
    nokia always get with sentiments of the people .
    this time with its eco-friendly device