Sales War: T-Mobile G1 Android, BlackBerry Storm & Apple iPhone 3G

The three major phones on our mind are the T-Mobile G1 Android powered phone, the BlackBerry Storm 9500 and of course the one we are already using the awesome Apple iPhone 3G.

Now please do not think we are strong believers of the iPhone 3G and that this phone is better than the other two because we cannot judge, we cannot judge because we have not had the other to phones in our hands yet, so we are always open to options. We all want to know who will be the winners in the Mobile smartphone sales war. This is going to be a hard one and we mean really hard.

Right lets explain what we already know, the Apple iPhone 3G sold a staggering 1 million units within the launch weekend, yes these sales covered just over 20 countries, 500,000 to 700,000 were sold in the United States alone.

Now the BlackBerry Storm is a hard one as we have not heard anything as of yet about pre-orders, so we will have to wait and see on this one, personally we know they will sell like hotcakes.

Now we move onto the T-Mobile G1 Android-Powered smartphone, we have already published news reporting that 1.5 million of these handsets have been pre-ordered, but come on that does not mean that 1.5-million will sell, has far as we know this phone can only be pre-ordered by those in the United States and you have to be an existing T-Mobile customer. Now on an estimate 400,000 to 500,000 is for the 4th qtr, so does this mean that it is not the amount T-Mobile made available for its pre-order figures.

Even if and we mean “IF” all the 1.5 million sales went ahead for the T-Mobile G1 Android, we cannot see them being able to cope with demand, if Apple cannot cope then there is not a chance T-Mobile can, “Or can they?

So please answer this question “Who will win the sales war, T-Mobile G1 Android or BlackBerry Storm, or will Apple simply stay at the top?


6 thoughts on “Sales War: T-Mobile G1 Android, BlackBerry Storm & Apple iPhone 3G”

  1. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    As a writer of this page… I think you’re stupid dude, you had typo (misspelled words) all through your news headline posting, so I wouldnt expect you to understand that Tmobile G1 is way more advance than the Iphone. Iphone sales are nolonger staggering when it comes to the Tmobile preorders “that will sell”, and for the record I can bet my phone on it that everyone that has pre-ordered this smart device will keep it, not send it back “moron”. The few that wanted to cancel their order or orders, needed it sooner, so they desired to buy it from retail stores thinking they’ll get their hands on it quicker, so anxious for it, even at the risk of the expense being a few bucks higher, but then they realized it’s better to wait because the retail stores are all out on their preoders aswell, Tmobile orders their devices at 500,000 a pop, so can’t you get it that if this is so, and they’ve sold out tripple the devices they have already ordered, then you should be aware that they are work on their forth order of 500,000 and that’s even higher numbers because the orders won’t stop “Mr. Dumm and illiterate news reporter”. So take the IPhone and shove it your illiterate mouth, like the coc* you sucked as a child, and stop trying to be a pest before the “Tmobile Android Google 1” destroy your little pride you have left as a “IPhoner”. This mobile G1 is thee GoD PhoNe, you devil! Start speaking positive of my device that we know is better, or I’ll shut your page down, because I have the same amount of hands in highplaces as the tmobile G1 sales you sucka! So get it together… Iphucker!

  2. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    For the record I had one typo compared to your many, and I bet you’re so dumb I bet you wouldnt even locate it if you read my posting a dozen times, and I confidently say that the Tmobile G1 will WIN and you should know this aswell, so why ask A-HOLE! Oh and I’ll answer the other dumb remark you said about tmobile ain’t able to cope with sells? Look, they’re teamed up with GOOGLE and HTC on this project, so why would’nt they beable too, use common sense and stop with the idiotic statements… I have a Question for you now? Have you did any research on the Tmobile G1 as far as applications and hardware is concerned? and if so; ShopSawy, BioWallet, TuneWiki,Shapewriters, The new camcorder app, and much more apps would’ve made this statement irrelevant, and my last question is: where did you attain your education? Please tell me so I’ll never recommend my children or your own to go there, and if you have a woman, was she stupid enough to lay with you and have any. They probably will never be good at math if you taught them, because you can’t even make logical math add up with G1 and they won’t be any good at spelling, because your typo is evident of that in your illiterate Tmobile trash talking article. You must be an Iphoner, because you so loud, but so dumb!! LOL. Do your family a favor and get your kids the G1 (if you have any) and preorder one yourself while you at it. “Sucka” LOL.

  3. Star Riley says:

    Play nice guys even if these companies are paying you to rave their products.

    As a consumer I have a right to buy what I choose without some dude attacking me either way.

    I am personally working on developing a more personal phone that allows people who are close to each other to communicate without paying monthly fees .

    You can however purchase multi-colored strings and a new line coming next year called the bling string with two cans you can communicate for FREE with umlimited upgrades.

  4. KenC says:

    Wow, that’s the blogosphere for you. The 1.5M T-Mo pre-orders is an unsubstantiated number put out by Anders Bylund of Motley Fool. He won’t answer requests for his source. A reporter for BetaNews queried T-Mo, and they won’t substantiate what they called a “rumor or speculation”. Do you think they’d shy away from shouting the good news, if it were true?

    Let’s use some commonsense. The fact is, T-Mo in the US is the 4th and smallest carrier by far. They have 30M customers. 10% are smartphone users. That’s a 3M customer market. Sure there are switchers and upgraders, but the primary market are existing smartphone users already on their system. Do you honestly think 50% are upgrading so soon? Does 50% pre-orders ever happen on any carrier? Did you even stop to wonder how widespread T-Mo’s 3G network is in the US? It’s miserably small. 15 cities!!! AT&T launched the iPhone with 3G in over 100 markets, and they still got blasted for poor coverage. Go look at T-Mo’s 3G map. It’s ludicrous to think that T-Mo has had 1.5M in pre-orders when you look at their business.

    Honestly, I think what happened is Anders Bylund made a mistake. He read that HTC, which makes the G1 was mfring 500k units for the 4thQ2008. He took T-Mo’s pre-order info, and just assumed it was the same as HTC’s mfring plans. See, he took 500k and tripled it, and got 1.5M. HTC’s mfring plans and T-Mo’s pre-orders are not the same number. That’s where Anders went wrong.

  5. Andre Richards says:

    iPhone will most likely win. The others all lack some key component that Apple has covered. Development environments/SDKs, support for developers, tight integration between OS and hardware, built-in iPod functionality and iTunes integration, decent Web browsing capabilities, infrastructure for delivering content (music, movies, apps), elegant interface design, multi-touch support, etc. None of the would-be competitors have all those elements down as solidly as Apple does.

    And remember the lesson MS learned when putting the Zune up again the iPod. While all these competitors are scrambling to match the current iPhone, Apple is working on the next revision. These guys can’t just catch up and call it good. They have to overtake Apple and I don’t see it happening.