O2 head of pre-pay contests sluggish sales of pre-pay iPhone

O2 confirm that pre-pay sales on the Apple iPhone 3G are good, and deny any suggestions that Apple iPhone 3G pre-pay sales started off very slowly. O2 and Carphone Warehouse store staff had said the pre-pay Apple iPhone 3G had begun sluggish because of the £349.00 and £399.00 pricing.

Alistair Johnston, O2’s head of pre-pay, however contests such claims and has said: “On launch day, we sold twice as many prepay iPhones as all of our other prepay handsets put together. The prepay iPhone is going to be very big this Christmas, especially as we’re seeing growing consumer demand for prepay phones.”

Johnston also went on to remark that the more expensive 16GB Apple iPhone 3G is presently doubling the sales of the cheaper 8GB Apple iPhone 3G.

Source — mobiletoday