T-Mobile Google G1: Google apps top’s Apple

T-Mobile’s Google G1 is officially out on October 22 although T-Mobile has started shipping the android device already in America.

The Google android operating systems offers something quite amazing with the ability to easily extend well beyond the core functions of the phone, with the majority of the downloads being free, fast and easily to do, the Google G1 is truly a powerful web 2.0 device as well as a touchscreen phone.

You can watch YouTube videos smoothly with ease and choose between the Wi-Fi or 3G network to watch videos on. You can use push technology to send your mail without having to actually click send/receive, you will also receive pop ups on the G1 when you get new mail whilst your using other applications on the phone.

Naturally the Google phone supports Gmail as soon as you turn the T-Mobile G1 on you are prompted to put your Gmail settings in to the device.

Source: blogs.computerworld