Possible future of the BlackBerry Bold Storm Curve and Pearl

Over at Crackberry, Kevin has speculated on just what may occur with the world of the BlackBerry during 2009, and well when you consider Crackberry seem to be well connected in the BlackBerry scene it does make one wonder. So let’s take a quick look at what they envisage…

One can expect to see the BlackBerry Bold receive a refresh, possibly the addition of a touch-screen and made more streamline, along with better camera and extra RAM. No doubt’s we’ll be seeing a refreshed BlackBerry Curve too, possibly one that incorporates ‘Touch’ and of course 3G.

With the HTC Touch HD and rumour of an Apple iPhone HD, the logical update for the BlackBerry Storm would be to HD as well. Also there will no doubt be a new 3G touch-screen coming from RIM, possibly to get the likes of T&T and Rogers aboard.

And of course the BlackBerry Pearl will be in store for a revamp with a bigger display and more power inside. It is clear to say whatever happens with the BlackBerry scene, RIM isn’t going to be left behind in the mobile stakes.

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