Can Nokia, Motorola, Android & INQ compete with iPhone?

Now the Apple iPhone has always been the best up until now it seems, the question is “Are there real competitors that will knock the iPhone of the top spot?

Many of you may think the price tag is still a little hefty which puts this phone out of reach a little, all we can say is, sit back and relax for the other real contenders that may put the iPhone on the back burner for a while, no Microsoft is no where to found with these contenders either.

Let me say the names first, Nokia, Motorola, Android & INQ, Google’s Android platform is all the talk at the moment and we can see this being huge, even better than the Mac OS it seems, Hutchison subsidiary Three as we speak is working on an all new smartphone called the “INQ” which has been said to be a right little competitor of the iPhone, the launch of this phone will happen in Australia prior to Christmas, it seems that Google Android is an excellent platform to use. INQ was to slash the price of phones and handsets are looking at being around $US50 ($72) or less.

You have the T-Mobile HTC G1 Android Phone which will sell for around $US179 on a two-year contract which is a little cheaper than the iPhone, then we have the all new Android platform Motorola smartphone coming in 2009, what about the Nokia XpressMusic 5800. The smartphones are more than just smartphones, they add everything you need which acts like a small office in your pocket and with prices getting down to a low surely means the iPhone will be put a side for the new dogs to shine.

What we want to know is “Is the iPhone an old dog now, and will the new phones of the future threaten the iPhone? For more information please visit here. Oh please do comment below of what you think.


One thought on “Can Nokia, Motorola, Android & INQ compete with iPhone?”

  1. Jerry says:

    The iPhone contenders are solving the wrong problem. They already have in many cases enough technology, even better features with acceptable glitz and usability. The real strategic and short- and long-term problem for the competitors to solve is how to cope with the propaganda war against the iPhone fanboys dominating the media and the blogosphere. So many absolutely pro-iPhone inaccuracies and gross errors go uncontested even in the tech news that it proves none of the competitors have even started to address this problem. And since they don’t, Apple gains ground and will continue to do so..