Debate: Is Motorola wasting time on Android Smartphone?

We have mentioned a few times about Motorola and its plans to launch an all new mobile smartphone with Google’s Android platform next year, the question is “Is Motorola wasting time on Android Smartphone?

Can Motorola really compete with the likes of the T-Mobile HTC G1 Dream phone or indeed the likes of Nokia with Nokia 5800 and even the BlackBerry Storm 9500, there are many companies bringing out hot phones this year and we believe Motorola are a little to late. The MOTO team is giving it a go with Google’s OS which will be released sometime in the second quarter of 2009 with the feature strong social networking features.

They are prepping this Android phone as we speak, no one knows what this smartphone is called, no one knows the price and no one knows the exact date, we do not know what the main features of the phone will have, will it have Bluetooth, or GPS, or 3G or Wi-Fi, you know all the normal features you would expect on a 21st century next-generation smartphone.

Even though we do not know the exact price we do know that it will be around the $150 mark, apparently Motorola is spending around about $50 million into this new project, now that is a lot of money if things fall flat on the backsides. So it all goes back to the question I mentioned above “Is Motorola wasting time on Android Smartphone?

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