LG KP500 get renamed the LG Cookie

The LG KP500 mobile phone has been awarded the codename LG Cookie (where do they get these codenames from?) So there it is, you can now call this LG Renoir-lite handset the LG Cookie, just let’s hope it’s not crumby.

Names aside, the LG Cookie is actually not that bad a handset and packs, Quad-band GSM, GRPS/EDGE, 3MP camera, FM radio, BT 2.1, accelerometer, and a nice 3″ touch-screen display.

The LG Cookie promises to be an affordable mobile phone, and will run the latest version of LG’s touch-screen Flash based UI, and should command a price of roughly €170 which is about $228 US before subsidies.

Source — GSMarena


243 thoughts on “LG KP500 get renamed the LG Cookie”

    1. Noo!
      I Got Mine For Christmas (2009),
      It's Only Been A Couple Of Months Since I Had One, And It Is SUPPER SLOW!
      And I DO NOT Have A Lot Of Stuff On There!
      EVERYONE That I Know HATES This Phone!
      DO NOT GET IT!
      Try To Go With Something Else!

      1. Katie83 says:

        i have the phone to and maybe its just your phone cuz mine works perfectly and i got it the same year as you so yea maybe its just yours

    1. georgia says:

      it has quite a lot of mmemory if you dont use it all on pictures and videos
      it depends how much texts and pics and videos you have got stored it does genurally store quite a lot of songs
      it is very light and i think that it is very easy just to put in your pocket

  1. courtney says:

    im thinking of getting this phone because i love it and i think girls and boys can have it its not against the law im a girl and im getting it for christmas just because its black dosn’t meen its not a girls phone

  2. okay i have got this phone 2 weeks ago and its a really good phone! it has a lock when u are not using it and it is also not a heavy phone. i would recomend this phone to anyone i would say it is not much different to the iphone its just alot cheaper

  3. GO-SAMMY says:


  4. ?? says:

    i want to get this phone for christmas but i wanted to ask some questions first !

    does it shut itself down?
    is the camera good quality?
    can it hold many songs?
    can u see the screen in the sun?
    can u use it without the stick?
    is it slow ?

    thank you

  5. Vallen says:

    I have the LG Cookie and lets clear some things up!

    3.15mp camera – its really good, no flash.

    Video camera – doesnt judder, really good also!

    MP3 player – volume is loud, and doesnt get much quiter even when on lowest volume.

    Better than the iPhone – Hell yes! Great games, in text it has hand recognition, can handle MMS can bluetooth other phones, you can upgrade memory upto 8gb! Great touch! Really bright and colourful, easy to customize.
    I really do love this phone! It’s not a cheaper version of the iPhone/Tocco etc, its a bargain phone with the latest UI technology and its packed with features like motion sensor games and you can customize the main screen.

    This phone has everything, and more!
    Obviously, it doesnt have 3G or Wi-Fi, however the browser is fast, it uses EDGE, and no one really uses Wi-Fi anyways! Besides, itd cost about hundred pound more for those sorta features?!

  6. Not found says:

    Hi, im from Czech rep, having this phone for 3 weeks…

    Screen – nice, bright, even at sunlight
    Speed – whole UI is very fast, no lacks anywhere
    UI – intuitive, easy, pretty resposnsive using both fingers and stylus
    Media – nice video, options for picture editing better than MS Paint!!
    Dimension – really small light device
    battery time: nonstop operation for +-5 days

    Crashes from time to time (sendind 200MB file via BT)
    Playback volume tooooo loud even at minimum
    Its too light – sometimes you dont know if you have your phone in pocket 😉
    poor profiles settings…

    Summary – show me better touch phone for 99 pounds 😉

  7. Jack.. ;) says:

    Hii,, just wonderin if this is a girls phonee,, becausee it looks really good and wanted to by it soo plzz help people iv read review and watched it on youtube its great!! Thankss Youss 😉

  8. Not found says:

    I think some models of KU(KE)990 viewty have some built in facebook/gmail functionality, but i can do the really same with external java apps (gmail for mobile and opera mini).

  9. Not found says:

    In addition – opera mini has facebook on the home screen, so not problem at all 😉

    I really like the phone. Tons of features…but LG sw could be much better (mean computer sw, not phone fw)

  10. muna says:

    you can access the internet e.e facebook for free its an okay phone.

    The iPhone is great but this is a great cheap version. I have both phones so i would kno

  11. alan says:

    why are people saying its bad, the memory you can buy memory cards to expand the memory up to 8gb . and mine has never frozen. i think its pretty good

  12. Emma :) says:

    Hmm.. im getting this phone for christmas,, its on order 😛
    Think its arrived but my mam and dad wont tell me if it has =/
    Lol… Sounds pretty good from the comments n stuff..
    Ive got my heart set on it though,, good or not,, ill be gutted if i dont get it =/

  13. Babes. says:

    Well, i want to get this phone, and by the sounds of some peoples comments it sounds really good, but from other comments ot sounds a little bit slow and stuff. Can some just tell me if i should get it or not?

    Is is good?
    Or bad?

  14. laurie says:

    iphone is better but also very expensive so if your on a budget this is the ideal phone! Im gettin it for xmas my mum sed she already had it 😀 Im well exited but like does anyoone know if you can have privacy locks on messages and pics and stuff??:/
    XX thanks

  15. liz says:

    I’m definately getting this phone next week, i already got an 8gb for £15 from a guy that knows a guy, but i like this phone a lot, but can someone tell me if i can definately access the internet, like hotmail, facebook and msn messenger and etc, becuase im aware of all its other features but im not aware of its access to the internet or its speed or even how much it costs to access the net.

  16. Stacy says:

    Questions(please someone answer):

    can you put files into folders and make new files for your pictures etc?
    Do games come with it?
    What is the camera like?
    An extra details


    Stacy xx

  17. nikki says:

    my boyfriend bought me this phone from carphone ware house,(£98 for phn only as i already had 02 sim an u still get £12 credit free! although takes a week to come thru) as a xmas present yesterday hehe but i couldnt wait for it so he caved in an gave it to me,i was soo looking forward to getting this phone an i am sooo happy with it i read all reviews on here an others, ive had no problems with phone what so ever the camera is quite good alot of people said it was rubbish(depends on wot kinda phone you had before i had samsung g600,also ive played around with the lg viewty an to be honest preferred this phone its lighter,slimmer an functions etc are pretty much same as the viewty.lg cookie phone is better lookin,my boyfriend loves it too he`s gonna get himself one!i never put the phone down at all yesterday its pretty easy to use overall, the qwerty board texting is little tricky to use if like me u dont have super slim fingers!!i was a bit dubious cos i txt alot and quite fast but this phone is great for that i had no problem i just used the keypad instead of the qwerty board or handwriting screen(which is quite cool/fun to use too)i`ve put videos on too which have come out good quality,pictures are good quality also,best phone ive had to be honest up to now,ive played around with new sony phones samsung,nokia an this phone is wicked value for money and looks fab!!for those of you who are gettin for xmas its defo worth the wait!!(lol unfortunately i couldnt!!)

  18. little miss shy says:

    i can’t decide which phone to buy out of LG cookie or viewty. The cookie overall looks better all except the camera, so my question is:

    how goods the camera quality?

    scribble back please.

  19. Bobby says:

    this phone is great
    >good camera
    >can use stylus of finger
    >not brilliant but still good
    >expandible memory upto 8gb memory card
    >motion games
    >when you talking the screen locks so you cant press bottons
    >exellent games (java, and motion)
    >texting easy you can rotate the phone and the hole screen flips around and youve got a key board!!

    there just some of the details and theres many more!!!you can also drag stuff of the manu onto the main back groung screen!!!

    getting this phone for x-mas i am really excited i know every thing about it :):):):) (love)(moon)

  20. Bobby says:

    sos did some of that wrong

    this phone is great
    >good camera
    >can use stylus of finger
    >not brilliant memory but still good
    >expandible memory upto 8gb memory card
    >motion games
    >when you talking the screen locks so you cant press bottons
    >exellent games (java, and motion)
    >texting easy you can rotate the phone and the hole screen flips around and youve got a key board!!

    there just some of the details and theres many more!!!you can also drag stuff of the manu onto the main back groung screen!!!

    getting this phone for x-mas i am really excited i know every thing about it

  21. will says:

    hi this phone comes in 4 different colours silver,gold,brown and black.But these colours are not comming out untill January.Also this phone is unlocked.

  22. jamie wifey says:

    the lg cookie is wel guuud if ya wnt a touch screen fone bt ur under budgit then is this a fanatic touch screen fone.
    i have just bought one wiv 8gb memory which i already have 78 songs on it i have 28 piks on it i am doin ma review on it in a couple of weeks on youtube so if ya r unsure about it then just check it on youtube.
    i was unsure b4 i got 1 n now i am happy i got it out and its not a girls fone am cousen got one n he lvs it aswell.

  23. carphone warehouse direct says:

    the games are really good!!all of the games have motion sencers on… for example it has the dice game wich includes snakes and ladders and you shake the phone to shake the the dice ect!!!

    you should defentley but this phone from the carephone warehouse for only £97.97 plus a ten pound top up included!!

  24. lizz says:

    someone said you could get on facebook for free on this phone… how?!?

    also im thinking of getting this phone as a replacement to a sony erricson s500i… is that a good move?!

    love the look of the phone though!

  25. Fozzie says:

    I got this phone for xmas (lucky me!) phone is great apart from one thing, there is no sound!
    Could anyone help? Im wondering if Ive accidently pressed something. The volume is right up on max, the mp3s are playing, I just cant hear anything! The same with the ringtones. Can anyone help?

  26. Bill Ding says:

    Hi Bobby…MATE! 🙂
    Look just a slight quiery that I was hoping you could advise me on.
    I am having some slight technical difficulties with allow myself to delete certain materials off of the phone, without it wiping the materials off of the memory card.
    Many thanks

  27. Stacy says:

    bought the phone, no you can be on any network to get it there are a fe games but nothing like the i phone, you can make new folders etc and i dunno y you sound isn’t workin, chek the status is on normal though


    🙂 Stacy xx

  28. ?? says:

    Dont you read other posts??
    You dont have to use the pen you can either use the pen or your fingers as they both work, its unreal how many questions are repeated though if you actually read first they have mostly been answered….

  29. emily says:

    Basically, i am considering getting this phone to replace a Samsung U700v which has broken, and therefore and looking to buy it today.

    I’m not too fussed about music and games, but the only thing that is worrying me is the issue with quite a few touch screen phones – unlike the iphone you can’t seem to be able to buy any form of ‘invisible sheild’ or cover for the phone, and i read somewhere else that a person had only had their phone for a few hours and it had already scratched on the screen from the stylus. My last phone ended up very scratched from being in my pocket and just generally every day use – i was just wondering is this phone very delicate and therefore very easy to scratch and harm? I’m looking for something fairly robust, as well as dtylish and good looking. Not an easy combination to find!

    Would very much appreciate a response, thanks! 🙂

  30. Nadine says:

    Emily, I got my phone at christmas and it was my first touch screen and I worried about that but ive only got one scratch on so far and its a very faint one and that was only from dropping it on the floor. I have it in my pocket a lot of the time and its in my bag aswell and its never marked it at all from this. Also its a great phone so I advise you get it 🙂

    Does any one know where you can get more motion sensor games from at all??

  31. omg = | says:

    i cant belive i bought this pile off shit
    it is a lasses phone if u look in my stuff love hearts on every icon
    camera is a fail
    bad memory fun is plain shit

  32. emily says:

    Thank you Nadine, that’s really helpful! I think I will go for it 🙂 Now the only issue is finding a store near me with it in stock, it seems to have sold out everywhere so it’s obviously very popular!

  33. Dellie says:

    i am thinking of getting this phone nd i have heard so many reviews saying that it crashes all of the time iwas was just wondering if is that big of an issue and if it happens to everyone
    plz help!

  34. emily says:

    I got this phone yesterday after seeing the reviews on here, which I found very useful. I was worried about how easily the phone would scratch, but the body of the phone itself is slightly rubbery meaning it is durable yet still very good looking. I love it – it’s proved very easy to use, and I have found texting simpler than I had thought. It’s very light and thin, too, hardly bigger than my previous Samsung U700v and much lighter.

    Thank you to those who answered my questions, and I am more than happy to do the same for anyone else!

  35. Alex says:

    Hey all, really want this phone but cant find it in any other colour but black 🙁 Could someone please tell me where i can get it in any of the other colours please? Thanks…

  36. Jess says:


    no the phone doesn’t switch off a call because of the touch screen.

    to end a call u have to press one of the three buttons below the screen.

    so dont worry about hanging up during a call!


  37. emily says:

    Dellie – although I have only had my Cookie three days, there has been no sign of it crashing. It has been working perfectly.

    Alex – No, I don’t think any other colours are available in this country yet. They will be, though, as I believe they are already available in America, but the black one has only just been released here (if you’re in the UK, that is). Hopefully it won’t be too long until they’re made available!!

    Hope that helps – I absolutely love the phone! 🙂

  38. chetan nagarkar says:

    Hey Ppl out there, i got this phone 6 days back, and its truely amazing, it has come with a 1 gb micro sd included, a screen cover, headset, data cable and the stylus.
    Its really good…! Im in love with it !!

  39. bbbysherry says:

    its good to read all the comments on the cookie but lets face it for the money its brill it does just about everything you could want a phone to do the bat lasts for days you can here it when it rings the internet is quick the screen is good call quality is brill its light to carry for some people this is not enough mabee they should spend more money and buy a bike and then get on it ?

  40. jed says:

    does it shut itself down? it does every so often not much though….
    is the camera good quality? yeah decent quality, just a shame no flash…
    can it hold many songs? aye you need to buy a memory card for it but can get a 8g…
    can u see the screen in the sun? yeah i have no problem with it…
    can u use it without the stick? yeah you dont need the pen..
    is it slow ? not really slow sertain applications are slow but its not bad…

    alltogether this isnt a bad phone at all the battery is good also, i did have a problem with it sending multiple texts but took it back and got another and its fine now..

    8/10 from me

  41. sophie says:

    hey, im thinking of getting this phone at the weekend for my birthday just a few questions that i cant see answers to in any of the above comments 😀 ,

    – after dropping does it break easily
    – does it lock when in a call
    – should i get it?!

    thanks 🙂 x

  42. Lawhls says:

    Hey Guys !
    Read Some Very Helpful Comments On Here And I Am Getting This Phone Ina Couple Of Weeks.
    Is There Anything I Should Know Bout It ?
    Can You Buy Like Those Rubber Covers For It ?
    What Does It Come With ?
    What Are The Bad Points Of This LG Cookie Phone ?
    Should I Get It ?
    Please Answer These Someone 😀
    Thanks If You Do

  43. bobblybob says:

    this phone is fantastic, i got mine from the carphone warehouse online and i got it for £15 a month on orange with 100 mins and unlimited texts!!!! i’m a happy chappy!!:D

  44. Lawhls says:

    Hey Guys !
    Another Question…
    Does This Phone Have Email Apparently It Does But Like I Dunnno
    And Could ANYONE Answer My Questions I Made 2 Comments Up Please ^^^^^^

  45. emily says:


    Is There Anything I Should Know Bout It ?
    Not really..to be honest I love it. I have had it nearly two weeks now and cannot criticise it in any way. It does everything I need it to.. So I’m very happy 🙂

    Can You Buy Like Those Rubber Covers For It ?
    I’m still working on that. I would like one, and will look into it over the weekend so will let you know if I find anything decent. Although to protect the screen it comes with a “Protction Film” which is very handy.

    What Does It Come With ?
    Headphones, USB cable, CDrom for LG PC suite II to sync it to the computer making it really easy to transfer photos, music etc., charger, Screen protection film, instruction manual and Stylus which fits into the bottom corner of the phone.

    What Are The Bad Points Of This LG Cookie Phone ?
    Haven’t found any yet 🙂 I was worried it would unlock when making calls but it doesn’t at all. It locks and then you hang up using the buttons instead of the touch screen. Only thing is twice when I have had it in my phone it has unlocked and rung someone, but that was far more my fault than the phone.

    Should I Get It ?
    Well, it depends what your main use is for a phone. Mine is literally as a phone..but I like a few games and to be able to access the internet, which the cookie does perfectly. I have an ipod and camera separately, so those aren’t my main uses for the phone however the camera is good enough for what I would use it for and the phone does hold the little selections of songs I put on it. The memory isn’t bad, however, if you would like to store more on it, I would advise you get an SD memory card for it. They aren’t too expensive, but definately worth it as it increases the memory by loads 🙂

    Also to unknown: I THINK it’s java but i’m not too sure, so someone will have to back that up!

    Hope that helps!! 😀

  46. Iris says:

    Hi emily this is a question to you :p Im from holland and my english is not that good. I am thinking of buy this phone. The only thing that holds me back is that there are very many reviews who say the phone
    chrashes a lot and’;
    it switch itselve of
    What is your experience with those two things?

  47. ola says:

    omg i got dis phone 2 day n its reli gd i wud recomend ppl buy it its is cheap 4 a touchscreen its abit hard 2 text but u get da hang of it afta a while n the camera is reli good i reli luv dis phone

  48. Dominic says:

    i was thinking about getting this phone as mine just broke :/!
    does anyone know what the txting is like ?
    do you have to do it with the pen?
    if not is it easy to use?


  49. emily says:

    Iris: Sorry I took so long to reply! I must admit before I got the phone I had read lots of reviews saying it crashed etc. and I was was worried about it, but so far I haven’t experienced anything like that! It hasn’t turned itself off, frozen or crashed once 🙂

    Dominic: Texting can be done with or without the pen, on a QWERTY keyboard or a normal keypad or on a handwriting recognition mode. The QWERTY keyboard and handwriting recognition are easier with the pen, though. I must say it is a little hard to begin with if you’re used to normal keypad buttons on your last phone like I was, but I persevered and have got used to it now.

    Hope that helps, and I’ll try to answer any other questions people have 🙂

  50. Lawhls says:

    Emily Could You Answer These For Me Please 🙂

    Does It Have The Internet On It ?
    Can You Download The Internet ?
    Email ?
    Is It Easy To Set-Up ?
    Is The Keyboard Easy To Use ?
    Would You Say It’s The Best Phone You’ve Ever Used?
    How Much Memory Does It Have On The Phone Itself ?
    Thanks Emily If You Answer These For Me

  51. Lawhls says:

    Emily Could You Answer These For Me Please 🙂

    Does It Have The Internet On It ?
    Can You Download The Internet ?
    Email ?
    Is It Easy To Set-Up ?
    Is The Keyboard Easy To Use ?
    Would You Say It’s The Best Phone You’ve Ever Used?
    How Much Memory Does It Have On The Phone Itself ?

  52. emily says:

    Does It Have The Internet On It ?
    Yes, it does.

    Can You Download The Internet ?
    I’m not sure what you mean by this, sorry! 🙁

    Email ?
    Yes. You can enter your email address and password into the phone so it recieves your emails and you can send them, too.

    Is It Easy To Set-Up ?
    Yes, very! The settings it comes with are pretty much how you need them, but you can make changes to them easily too. The first couple of times you turn it on it comes up with a brief tutorial, which is helpful.

    Is The Keyboard Easy To Use ?
    I find the keypad, which is like the buttons on a normal phone, the easiest way to text/email as you can do this with either the stylus or your fingers. The QWERTY keyboard is also good, however the buttons are small and so you need to use the stylus. Admitedly it does take some getting used to, particularly if you’re not used to a touch sceen phone, but I have got used to it and now find it very easy 🙂

    Would You Say It’s The Best Phone You’ve Ever Used?
    It’s very different. At first I thought I would find having a touch screen far too difficult, but now I have got used to it I absolutely love it and would probably say that it is the best phone I’ve had 🙂

    How Much Memory Does It Have On The Phone Itself ?
    To be honest I’m not too sure, as I got the memory card when I got the phone so I have had it in the phone all along, however, so far I have not had to use it to put photos on and I have about fifty on the phone and about one hundred texts. I don’t really know about how much music it will hold yet, but so far the memory does’t seem to be too bad 🙂

    Sorry some of the answers are a bit vague, but I hope you find that useful. 😀 x

  53. peter says:


    “LG PC suite II to sync it to the computer making it really easy to transfer photos, music etc.,”

    Anyone tell me if this software suite works with Vista,



  54. leah says:

    i am getting this phone tomorrow i think 🙂
    does any body know if you can get passcodes on messages and thing?
    i have read through all the comments and no one seems to have answered that queston.

  55. darren says:

    i don’t have the phone but a few friends of mine do it is a very good phone it is abit slow but apart from that it is really good would recomend to anyone…

  56. emily says:

    leah: I may be wrong, but i have looked and cannot find a way of locking messages etc. You can have a pin code for when you turn the phone on, though.

  57. Amy says:

    HI – I got this phone today – love it, few problems though, obviously the whole ‘usb not recognised’ situation; I will just buy a bluetooth dongle i hear thats much more reliable, and I don’t want all of my images to be displayed in the gallery – can anyone help me with this, it says nothing in the manual and I have no idea if i can lock folders or files but so far, no luck. Please help…xxxx

  58. Elisha says:

    I have this phonee and absolutly love it! The only thing i wish it had was a flash – but to be honest im not so bothered about having an amazin camera like the viewty . This phone probably is more a girl phone – but i know guys who have it aswell. Plus you can get it in black, silver, black & red, PINK! and soon gold 🙂
    Hope that helps

  59. Lyndon davies says:

    Is Emily still out there?

    Phone sounds great but still reading alot of other sites saying it crashes and switches off for no reason, any comments on this???
    Also can I use my own music as ringtones and message tones??


  60. djd says:

    oh my god some people seriously.
    does this phone work on vodafone and not just orange – lmfaoo funniest question ever, duhh im sure they release phones on most networks these days.
    does it work with vista – hmm its a bloody phone that shouldnt be a main concern

    some people need to learn how to use google! (no advertising intended, any other search provider will do the same thing)

  61. emily says:

    Lyndon davies: Yes I am! Sorry I have taken so long to reply. In answer to your question, I too was worried about the turning off/crashing issue because I had read it in so many places. Since I have had the phone, it has turned itself off once, however, this may not have been the phones fault as it was in my pocket so it may have somehow pressed the off button. In the month since then, I have had absolutely no problems like that and it has been functioning perfectly! Also, yes you can use your own ringtones and message tones.

    To those with problems connecting phone to computer: has the software from the cd properly downloaded onto your computer? The first time I tried it said it wouldn’t work but it turned out the installation had not been completed. I am sure you’ve tried this, but just an idea as it happened to me!

    Hope this helps!

  62. Andrew says:

    hi is emily still there???

    and anyway does this phone crash a lot some of my friends have it and say it crashes but i want to now and is it a good phone

  63. bbbysherry says:

    deano had the cookie for some time now its never crashed allways works fine mabee you have got a richtea and not a cookie ? if it dont work take it back its up to you ?

  64. Lyndon davies says:

    Thanks for feedback Emily.

    Just cant get my hads on one at moment.
    On tesco mobile and tesco direct have sold out!!
    Seem to be taking for ever to get more stock.

    But will be getting one as soon as I can.

  65. Edi says:

    This phone is wicked!
    I have it and it holds quite a lot. I have a few games on it, loads of songs and videos.
    It’s also really easy to use.

  66. Nic says:

    Hi Stacy!

    I just bought the LG Cookie recently and I want to know the answers to some of my queries. Here they are:

    1. How can I remove the shutter sound of the camera? Even when it is on Silent mode, there is still a shutter sound.

    2. Will it get slow when I use the 8GB memory card? Do you recommend it or should I use a smaller memory (4GB perhaps)?

    3. How can I transfer documents such as Word, Powerpoint, Excel and PDF files?

    That’s all.. Thank you!

  67. xxxxxxxxxxx says:

    i have the lg cookie on orange and its a amazing phone the only problem is that it wont connect to my laptop! my laptop is windows vista and i have downloaded the disk and all that but when i pulg it in and go on connection wizzard it says faild to connect the mobile phone to the pc.

    please can somone help me!!!!!!

  68. Liisa says:

    Hi xxxxxxxx…
    I also had the same problem. but it is really easy. the only thing you have to do is go to the settings
    -> pick the connectivity ->usb connection mode->mass stroage and then connect your cookie with your pc and it should work out fine;)
    (i’m sorry if i had some gramma mistakses,im from estona)
    best wishes

  69. Emily says:

    This is a great phone. My friend has the viewty and mne is so much better than hers and it was cheaper! For the price of it (cheap) it has everything you need. It is easy to customze things, the camera is very good and the touch screen is perfect (very easy to text). I would recommend you to put a memory card in though as the storage memory isnt great. This is the best phone I have ever had. The first lg phone I have ever had and its brill and I would definately choose and lg phone again in the future!


  70. Lyndon says:

    Emily……. WHERE ARE YOU?

    Does anyone know where I can get games that use the motion sensor in the phone?

    And can you turn off the shutter sound when phone is on silent??

  71. Lauren says:

    i’m thinking about either getting this or the tocco but i don’t know which one to get!!
    is it worth paying all the extra money for the tocco or should i get this one if it is just as good.

    Can sum1 please help meeee!!!!!!!

  72. Daisy says:

    i think i might just have to get this phone, i’ve tested it and it’s just FABB!!!

    anyone got any bad points, anyone got it?

    thanks !! 🙂

  73. Alex says:

    Should i get this or the lg ks360. I dont want to get the cookie and find out it keeps breaking down. If someone has this phone plz write about weather it breaks down alot. Wat about features which one has better ones.

  74. Charlotte says:

    Ahh. i got this phone and it’s truly fantastic.
    highly recommended.
    but, when i got it, it already had msn installed ?
    is this indictating it’s free ?
    and i’m on the dolphin pay as you go.
    so does this mean i do have to pay ?
    please reply.

  75. Yes it has got bad points:-
    1 Its battery life is not soo good
    2 problems withconnectivity
    But still It is a Brilliant phone and I am definitely going to buy IT U too go 4 it!!!

  76. Features of the LG KP500 Cookie include:

    3 megapixel camera with digital zoom
    Video recording
    Touch sensitive screen: TFT LCD, 262k colours, 240 x 400 pixels (3 inches)
    Handwriting recognition
    Music player (MP3/AAC/AAC+/AAC++/WMA formats)
    FM radio
    Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email
    T9 predictive text
    Document viewer (TXT, PDF, DOC, PPT, XLS)
    Ringtones: 64 voice polyphonic ringtones / MP3 ringtones
    Java 2.0 games
    Phonebook (1000 names)
    Memory: 48 Mbytes plus microSD memory card slot (up to 8GB)
    Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth
    Internet: WAP 2.0, GPRS, EDGE, web browser
    Vibration alert
    Quad band
    Size: 107 x 55 x 12 mm
    Weight: 89g
    Talktime: 3.5 hours
    Battery standby: 350 hours

  77. Char, says:

    I brought this phone on saturday,
    in England (where i am ?! :P) it is currently £107.00 on orange. You also get a free £10 Airtime voucher (credit) which; on orange. You get the choice of a package, free £1 credit for submitting your details and the £10 from Argos. All free with the phone :). (Plus the rewards from the animal packages). I found this offer was the best out of all the ones i compared. This is a great phone, i have had no problems with it at all. But i would highly suggest having a memory card in there as memory usage does go up pretty quickly. I’m on the dolphin package and i have no problem getting on the internet and using my rewards etc. The touchscreen is sensitive so when texting i can use my fingers with ease. And if you rotate the phone sideways; you have a choice of keyboards. The battery life is actually better than many reviews have said in my opinion. Although as my old phone didn’t; i have a habit of charging it up every one or two days. It hasn’t frozen on my yet. But if it does, all you do is take out the battery; and place it back in after 4 or 5 minutes. The connectivity (bluetooth etc) is fine. But when connecting the phone to my laptop (Windows vista which may be why..) It kept unplugging itself when it’s still plugged in, i don’t know how to explain it though. LOL :L. In conclusin this phone is a keeper and i’m not going to be changing it for a long time, it is a cheap touchscreen phone but excellent quality. Highly Recommended Phone.

    Hope that helped.. 🙂


  78. laur-n says:

    just wondering if this phone is otgood i have seent here are ALOT of good reviews but thre are a couple of bad about how it scrtches and slow and memory ( how much are memory cards) at the mo i have a sony ericson s500i which is great but just wondering is it worth getting this one . It would be great if someone can reply thnaks ;x

  79. veeeeee says:

    this phone… is ok but really slow.
    and the touch screen kept not working so i just pressed it slightly harder and the screen kinda broke. oops. to be honest i would recomend it coz its really really slow. and it takes ages on blue tooth and saving things. so dont buy it !!!

  80. laur-n says:

    well i have had the sony s500i for over a year and it has never broke i don’t know what to belivev on this forum anymore tbh soo .. stuff it

  81. paul says:

    I have the same problem as you do! maybe you have found an answer since it’s almost half a year ago.
    the question is:”there is no sound!
    Could anyone help? Im wondering if Ive accidently pressed something. The volume is right up on max, the mp3s are playing, I just cant hear anything! The same with the ringtones. Can anyone help?”

  82. rav says:

    i really want to get this fone but i have so many doubts. its quiet cheap on orange which is good because my friends said with dolphin you top up £10 and you get free acess to myspace,facebook and bebo, but im not sure because people are saying its really slow and it freezes can someone please tell me an honest opinion because I really need to get my phone I need someone to comment quik because im going later on this week or today! i reeally need someone to help me, and tell me if its good. thanks.x

  83. rav says:

    I REALLY WANT TO GET THIS PHONE, but i dont know if it is good or not. There is TOO many opinions of people saying its freezes and its slow or its awsome i need a proper opinion. I am absolutely confused in which film i should buy!
    its confusing because people are saying different things.! is it good? and whats bad about it?
    and would you recommend it. the thing is its so difficult because Is it hard meaning hard for me to handle


  84. mother fuker says:

    this is a shit phone cuz u cant lock ur privacy stuff and it seems good on the first day but it is SHIT! i would not recomend it unless ur GAY

  85. sophie says:

    hi people, can i just say DO NOT DOUBT GETTING THIS PHONE it was the first lg phone i have ever had and i have NEVER had a better phone. I havent had any problems with it at all and ive had it for over 3 months now. the games and other extras are amazing . for this price the phone is absolutely amzing. it has so many special features it is unbelievable. i havent really used the internet on it much but when i have it is realluy fast and easy to use. i wasnt really sure about getting this phone as before i got it, i came on here and seen all the negative comments so i was pretty worried about it tuerning itself off ect. BELIEVE ME THIS PHONE IS AMAZING DO NOT DOUBT GETTING IT !!!!!

  86. nic says:

    the lg cookie is a crap fone, its slow and takes foreva to load my one doesnt allow me to do the things its supposed to do like put applications from the front screen away so instead of seeing a great picture i see a clock, calender, music stations etc which i hate!!! and for some reason everytime i want to look at a new picture i ave taken it tell me the number of application has been reached and doesnt let me veiw it properly. i much prefer the lg viewty its was much quicker and beta and jus wish i neva swapped it 🙁 i recommend not buyin the fone!!!!!

  87. hi im getting this phone meant to be really good
    this phone is NOT A GIRL PHONE BOYS AND GIRLS CAN HAVE THIS !!!! its a really good hone and the priceis perfect my tip is too look in tesco it 99 pound cheapest so far 🙂

  88. GothicGirlJenny says:

    This is the first LG phone i have bought, i have always got Sony Erricsons, but it is such a great phone. It is fast, easy to use and really cool overall.

    I did get puzzled when i put the clock on the screen and couldnt get it off but i after half hour of getting stressed, i found out i had to unlock the little box thing so i could move it back, so simple it annoyed me lol.

    the only thing i dont like about it though is when you take a normal photo, you cant zoom in, the only way you can zoom in is taking a video or using burst mode (which is taking 3 quick shots).
    its annoying you cant use zoom in normal camera shot.

    but apart from that is really amazing!

    highly reccommendedddd

  89. Charl-ie says:

    AGREE !!

    but is there any sites where i can get any gamess because i have loads on there but that dont play becasue they arnt payed for or something.
    Free games of corse !
    and does itunes games work on this phonee?

  90. cutie pie says:

    i hav had this fone for bout a month, lurvin it, but battery can run down quikly on games nd will hav 2 bars thn none in 2mins.i think its a girl fone.

  91. Kaytea says:

    I have got the phone its coming on monday :)YIPPY
    I am getting it in pink . I got mine for £15 a month on virgin mobile (Bargin) and it comes with 200 text n 150 mins thats good for a hunderd pound phone :):):)

  92. Kaytea says:

    my cousin Alice has this phone and its fine works PERFECTLY she can zoom and can view her pics PERFECTLY:) the phone is so GOOD . all mi mates have it and LOVE IT . please dont lisen to the bad reporrts 🙁

  93. cookie monster says:

    its such a good phone i was dissapointed with the lock tho but i have at least 150 songs and have room for more at the same time havein 300 pics and 500 messages in my inbox and can fit in more it comes in pink and black so is a uni sex phone the carmras okayy bit bad in low light tho and has no flash but in noraml light is good with diffrent camra settings sepia negative black and white veryy good phone the sound quality is good and headphones are great yu can also by an adapter AMZING battery lifee !!!

  94. Ben says:

    this phone is amazing! people keep reporting faults with it but they’re not faults with the phone, it’s the SIM card that makes that happen. change network. and it’s NOT a girls phone… in fact if i had to choose one i would have to say boy’s phone. i think it is suited to both genders.

    this is the best phone for under £100 and i think it appeals to all age groups between 10 and 100. it also suits boys and girls depending on the colour you buy it in.

  95. this phone is not a girls phone.
    this amazing touch screen phone is great indoors and outdoors, the touch screen locks itself when in a call so this enables you to carry on with your call without being shut off by the touch screen 🙂 an outstanding 5*’s has been given to this phone on a top quality voting site. go on…GET ITTTT 😀

  96. is this a good phone? when you are on the phone will it not go off when you touch it with your ear? How big of a memory can you have upto. Does it crash often? what colours can you get it in? does it cost to have msn and bebo and facebook and stuff like that. pleast answer my questions a/s/a/p so i know hether to get it for christmas <3 thanks xxxx

  97. asha says:

    hi i just bought this phone and setup the cd to my computer which is window vista. however i cant tranfer some picture from my lg to my computer pls help me thanx

  98. *Aaaaaa* says:

    Hey im just wondering does the LG Cookie have a privacy lock..can you put a pin on ur msg’s and stuff?..wud b great if some1 could reply ..thanks

  99. ....? says:

    I think this phone is wicked 🙂
    best phone ever
    has msn
    and internet is not that sloooow
    and i got this phone from carphone ware house for £60 (bargain)

  100. beth says:

    this phone is good for about 2 months, then it starts to slow down, after having it for 6 months my phone has packed in, the camera freezes and won’t take pictures any more and it takes about 20 mins for it to send a msg. Phone is so slow and the touch is awful, PLEASE DONT WASTE UR MONEY LG COOKIE IS SHIT!

  101. Andrew says:

    Heap of scrap, don’t bother. The LG software update goes round in circles and is wrtten in poor English and LG customer service is awful. The “Warranty Claim” section of the LG website doesn’t work. The worst phone I have ever had.


  102. lol says:

    hi i have this phone and its really good!! but can anyone tell me if you can transfer files (like photos and videos) from your computer to your phone because im not sure how? thank you!!

  103. Hiii guys…i wanna knw in LG Cookie 500…
    – Can we type a letter in word or excel..attach and send emails.????
    – Can we chat by.. opening yahoo messnger…????
    – Hows the speed of internet ..???

  104. Az says:

    This phone is crap, my missus has one, so does my mate. And its just so slow compared to my Tocco lite.

    The lock and camera buttons have packed up on one of the phones, and the QWERTY keyboard is to small.

  105. YAY4ME says:

    This phone is reeeeelllllly awesum but im tryin to find out how many songs it can hold without the 8gb mini sd card. PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. krizzo says:

    this phone is brilliant, i threw it against the wall to teat how hard it it hehehe and it still works not even a scratch its a fukin brick.
    For anyone hoo says its shite can fuck off NO IT ALLS!!!
    it is absalutly amazin!!! xxxx

  107. Lily says:

    I have this phone, And I am on my third handset now. This phone is crap but when I go to get a new one on my insurance, they give me the same one! Its probably the worst phone I’ve ever had. When you get it at first you think it is the best phone ever, but as you use up memory, it get really slow and useless. Do not get this phone, you’ll freaking regret it

  108. shayh says:

    this phonee is amazing! 😀 i just got it recently, only 65$, i bought it used on ebay, but new ones are 110$ on ebayy. It's definatly my favorite phone so far. It's kinda slow, and texting is a kinda a pain, but i'm guessing i'm just gonna have to get used to it. The screen in the sunlight is TERRIBLE, i literally can't see anything. Other than the slowness(but its bareable), and the screen in sunlight, its''s a GREAT phone. i love it, and i recommened it to anybody.(:

  109. christinaaaaaa says:

    some people may only be able to afford cheap.
    so grow up k?

    annd does anyone no how you can attach the lg cookie , when your in the car to one of those tape things so that it plays the music from your phone :)?


  110. ladybluu says:

    the lg cookie phone is great, but i hate its adding pictures from a computer functionality, its not easy…still trying to figure out till this day! the adding music is a breeze, but why is adding pictures so hard?

  111. Ruffled Meerkat says:

    hi my cuz has got it and she says its amazin!

    but peeps at skool say dont get it cuz it breaks. is dis true?

    other than that it looks cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Ruffled Meerkat says:

    hi my cuz has got this fone and she says its amazin!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but peeps at skool say it breaks easily an da textin is bad. is this true?

    should i get it? pls HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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