T-Mobile Google G1: a computer that makes calls?

We have been comparing the T-Mobile Google G1 when the Apple iPhone and the BlackBerry Storm and written several articles about them. But when you really look closely at the Google G1 and iPhone comparable you can see the G1 is more of a handheld computer than a sophisticated alternative to the Apple iPhone, although saying that its much easier to make a call from the T-Mobile G1 than the iPhone.

Pro’s of the Google G1 would be without doubt the slide out keyboard, it also has a removable battery where as the iPhone doesn’t, the G1 is also slightly cheaper than the iPhone, plus sporting a great touch screen interface as well as the full keyboard. The Google G1 also works on the Android platform. The major downside has to be that the T-Mobile 3G isn’t available in every area, so can be much slower than the iPhone in the restricted 3G areas.

It comes in at about 30 percent thicker than the iPhone and is almost brick-like compared to the iPhone, plus it only comes with 1 GB of memory which is pretty poor compared to the iPhone, although you can buy a larger memory card. The multimedia player doesn’t really shine compared to the slick iPhone and it lacks a video player altogether. We believe the G1 is the beginning of something incredible and will continue to progress in development.

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3 thoughts on “T-Mobile Google G1: a computer that makes calls?”

  1. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    I love this article because this is actually the truth, but what this writer failed to mention is that most of the minor issues he mentioned has been resolved. Different phones, floats different boats. I love the device bulky, because when I stick the Iphone in my pocket it appears like it’s going to break so easily, also Tunewiki is the perfect software which destroys the iphone music player hands down (that just “my” opinion), it has a video player that you download free from the Market (Didn’t mention that), it comes with 1 Gig can take up to or beyond 16 gigs right out the box and if you buy the 16 gig for $80 it’s equivalent to the Iphone 16 gig handset, but this is one good call from HTC (Tmobile G1 designer) to include removable memory you can update as time goes on. Anyhow, I love both devices, each with their own leads and faults that’s actually minor, the point is Iphone finally has a challenge and if you seen the G2 (WOW) you’ll call it the Iphone Serial Killer! the G1 is just a threat, but not yet a killer.

  2. THE MOBILE GOD says:

    Well about it being a threat I take that back, it’s more of an assult which is bit more than a threat, it’s attempted murder on the Iphone, so Iphoners be watchful because the G1 is on the loose.

  3. THE ANDROID GOD says:

    Well let’s take this a step further “Mobile GoD” and say that the G1 is an assult and battery / with attempt to kill, it’s worse than being a threat, it will eventually kill the Iphone when the opportunity presents itself, so iphone be on watch because the G1 is loose come the 22nd of October. LoL. RaauGH!!