Alpha Firefox Mobile Released: No to Android, Symbian waiting

The first alpha of Mozilla Firefox Mobile was released yesterday and is now available for download.

The only mobile device the “Fennec” browser works apparently only on the Nokia N810 internet tablet but the software can be installed on Mac, Windows or Linux which will help all you developers get a taste of how the all new browser will work, yes you can start building extensions.

Fennec is mainly designed for touchscreen devices where the normal controls of the browser like back and forward etc are opened via the swiping to the right actions, thumbnails however of open tabs are then revealed with a swipe to the left. Firefox 3 are still retained and the brilliant bar is still there, this will allow you visit sites by simply typing in their name like “Phones Review” into the address bar, which means the full URL does not need to be entered.

The bar will also double up as a search bar as well, Mozilla is planning on further Alpha releases and will focus on performance etc. it looks like they will keep Symbian waiting and of course the G1 with Android is a long way of before they get to see the new Alpha Firefox, read more about that here. In the meantime watch the Mozilla Firefox Fennec walkthrough here.