Samsung Highnote and Rant and LG Lotus available on Sprint

The Samsung Highnote, Samsung Rant and the LG Lotus have now dropped into Sprint stores and it will be the text fanatic’s who gain the most from these three Sprint branded mobile phones.

The Samsung Rant is a low end handset which gives the LG Rumor a touch of competition by the addition of EV-DO, and will be available in black or red and wear a price jacket of $49.99 on contract.

The Samsung Highnote takes a firm grip on the musical angle by integrating a loudspeaker which also functions as the second slide of this dual sliding mobile handset. The Samsung Highnote will be available in black and red and will command a price tag of $99.99 on contract.

Lastly we have the LG Lotus which flattens out the whole clamshell design a tad to make room for a full QWERTY keyboard underneath with a cool landscape display. The LG lotus will be available in black or fancy purple with a price tag of $149.99 on contract.

Source — Engadget