ARM signs with Nokia Symbian Foundation: Can it beat Google Android?

ARM has a sweet deal with Nokia Symbian Foundation, they have said they they will be joining the Chinese technology group Huawei, Visa and nine other companies that are joining the Nokia Symbian to get the free software.

There are around 52 companies that have signed up to join the massive Symbian Foundation who are the leading market of open operating systems for mobile phones, many big names in the market have already put their names to it, this should really give Nokia a boost and overcome the all new Google Android.

Nokia the Finnish phone company said that they would indeed buy out British smartphone software maker Symbian’s shareholders for an estimated $410 million, and of course make its software royalty-free to other phone makers. This new move should surely be a good battle against the likes of Google with its Android OS.

Nokia has said that Symbian Foundation would be able to accelerate at a fast pace of getting brand new products on the market, the plan is to release its Symbian Foundation software by next year and then release a brand new platform by June 2010.

ARM has announced that they will be releasing its ARM profiler for Symbian Operating Systems as standard of RealView Development Suite 4.0 Professional, this will indeed add better features and reduce power consumption, so all good for mobile application developers then.

Source — PC Pro