AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9000 up for auction on eBay?

The not yet released BlackBerry Bold 9000 has somehow shown up on that place where it seems can get hold of unreleased mobile phones so easily, yes we are again talking about the seemingly unreleased mobile phone superstore…eBay.

Apparently, according to the guy who has placed this BlackBerry Bold 9000 up for auction it is a real deal AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9000, it’s still in its packaging apparently.

Obviously the smartphone will demand a high price if you really want to be able to say you were the first person to own one, the current bid as of when I looked stood at $695.00.

Just where do these auctioneers get their products from? Do they have access to unreleased products officially, or is the auctioning off of a highly anticipated new mobile phone actually planned by the makers to drum up new news interest? One can only guess.

Source — blackberryforums


One thought on “AT&T branded BlackBerry Bold 9000 up for auction on eBay?”

  1. Adam says:

    I would have to think this was given away at the SF Launch party. Everyone there got a BOLD, which I’m sure is AT&T branded