AT&T may get LG Secret before Christmas

The whisper over the net waves is the LG Secret is on its way to AT&T, although there is no official word coming from LG or AT&T concerning these whispers. Obviously LG will be eventually delivering one of their flagship handsets to the states and more than likely on AT&T, even though there is no word on an actual arrival date.

One could disagree, but the LG KF750 which is the LG Secret could just well hit AT&T stores in time for the seasonal holidays, so may just make a nice Christmas present for someone.

The LG Secret is of a slider design and is DivX enabled and comes in a variety of colours to suit the potential AT&T customer, and of course there is the 3G connectivity and 5 megapixel camera that just may attract too.

Source — intomobile


One thought on “AT&T may get LG Secret before Christmas”

  1. Lauren says:

    OK, so I received this phone two days ago. I’ll give you the complete low-down in detail.
    Phone Style/Looks: Very classy looking! Looks smart, sophisticated and slim. It’s fairly heavy, but you don’t notice after a while. Carbon Fibre back to it makes it very attractive, and the fake leather-look to it just completes it. The blue neon-style buttons are very cool, unless you’re not a blue lover. The navigation keys at the front of the phone pulse every time you touch them, which is very addictive!
    Camera: 5MP camera. Very good camera, can be a bit slow at taking the picture, which can get annoying. Video recorder has slow motion & fast motion recording. Many effects available, the usual B&W, Sepia & Negative as well as embossed, purplish, bluish, etc. Selection of frames available for pictures, and icons to add to pictures.
    Touch Media[touchscreen]: If you didn’t already know, by pressing a button on the side of the phone turns the actual screen to a touchscreen. This only works on selected programs, but it’s enough. Buttons are responsive, and easy to work with[even if you have fat fingers] The music player is touch screen, and a few reviews have said it’s unresponsive. They lied. It’s very responsive, it all depends on what angle you press the button, as with any touchscreen device.
    M-Toy: This is games on the phone, however they’re SUPER cool! They work in a similiar way to the Wii. You actually have to move the phone, for the games. Very addictive, trust me. Fishing, Maze and Baseball are among the games available.
    Battery Life: I’m a heavy user of my mobile, always have been. I’m always texting, phoning, playing the games, looking at photo’s, etc, & I consider the battery life pretty good, tbh! I’ve had many different makes of mobile phones, incl. Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and Sagem. All battery lifes have been similiar to this one, lasting a couple of days.
    Internet: I’m not really an internet user, on mobile phones, but i tried it out on this phone and i was impressed. It’s fast, easy to use, and text is plenty big – i’m not screwing my eyes up at all. I’ve not tried it out yet, but I think if you turn the phone round, the internet browser turns into landscape instead of portrait – easier for profiles.
    Memory: I recommend getting a memory card, if you’re a type for taking lots of photo’s and videos, and storing music on your phone. The phone can hold a maximum of a 4GB memory card.
    Texting: If you’re a T9 texter like yours truely, you’ll find it super! Most phones, as you know, have to be trained as they learn the words you use most, etc. However, the LG Secret has this nailed already. “Text Language” is already built into the system, i was impressed! Very happy with the texting.
    Calling: Clear quality, loud, easy. [quality depends on signal, too.] But I live on an isolated island, and quality is excellent so if you live on the mainland, you’ll have no problems. 🙂
    Fingerprint Marks: A few reviewing companies have said that the phone is appalling for attracting finger prints. What i’ve done, is leave the protective plastic sheet that came with the phone, on the screen. This reduces fingerprints, and also protects the screen from scratches! And also, with the phone, you receive a small cleaner for your screen, which dangles on your phone, ready for use whenever needed. It works, and is really effective! Doesn’t scratch your screen, or leave smearing.

    Overall, i recommend buying this phone. My personal rating is 8/10. It loses points on weight, and time it takes to capture a photo. Everything else = SUPER! 😀 Very happy i bought this phone.