Neverfail survey points out mobile usage in dangerous situations

Last month a Californian train engineer was blamed for causing a train crash killing 25 people, himself included, because he was sending and receiving text messages. And despite such news, many people send and receive mobile text messages in dangerous situation.

According to a recent survey, seventy-seven percent of people surveyed have used a mobile phone whist driving a vehicle. Forty-one percent admitted to using mobile email such as a BlackBerry while skiing, riding a bicycle, or on horseback stated the survey which had been commissioned by Neverfail Inc.

According to the Neverfail survey, the proportion of the corporate work force using a company supplied mobile phone will grow almost forty percent by 2010.

Basically what people really need to do is decide whether a life is more important than a text or call. Surely once they come to the conclusion that life is far more important they will STOP using their mobile phones in these dangerous situations.

Source — Reuters

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